Thursday, August 31, 2006

The storms a comin'

Well, we are starting to brace a little bit for Tropical Storm Ernesto. Just a little wee storm but a storm nonetheless! It is starting to drizzle outside now and the wind is picking up just a little. But it doesn't look like it is going to be too bad. It is forecasted to make landfall right above us near Charleston. But we are supposed to get quite a bit of rain and some winds.

They cancelled schools here for tomorrow. So the kids are kinda excited about that. Although they will be cooped up in the house most of the day with nothing to do except bug me. We do have to go to Savannah, GA in the afternoon so Ryan-Guy can get his braces off. I didn't have the heart to cancel that appointment. We will just have to weather the storm. He has had his braces on for almost 3 years. So he is so ready. He is afraid that he is going to have a white line across his teeth. But I reckon we will see. At least he isn't going to miss school for the appointment...ha!

So please pray that our trip will be a safe one. Savannah is about an hour away. And I really don't like to drive in the rain, much less a tropical storm. Hope that you guys are all staying dry. Have a great Thursday!
UPDATE: 9:45am Ok so it is just raining a little, like barely a drizzle and the trees are not even moving. My flag out front is still! I guess it will rain on and off all day but it looks like we lucked out once again! Jordan and Jackson are playing Play-Doh making me all kinds of neat low calorie snacks...0 points!

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