Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm back!

We made it home last night about 11ish from Atlanta. (Boy, what a long boring ride!) The kids fought the whole time in the car! The 3 younger ones were in the back seat of the van and my 15 yo was in the second row with his cousin, 18 yo, then I drove and Teresa kept me company up front. I drove the whole way there. I do not like to drive in heavy traffic so I was a little nervous. But since we got there late, around 1 am, we missed a lot of the yucky traffic. Plus, we went around Atlanta, that helped too.

We got up after very little sleep and got ready for church. My BIL has not been going to church very long, maybe a year or so. But, I tell ya, this man is amazing. I have known him since we were in school together oh so many years ago. His lifestyle was less than admirable. Much like his brother's, my hubby's. But when we walked in to that church and I saw him hugging everybody he saw, I could see that God has definitely touched his heart. Then when the service started and he walked into the choir loft with the choir I got so emotional that I started to cry. I am so thankful that he is finally walking on the right path.

The funeral service was very small. But it was quite emotional. Although Winston was not my kids real grandfather, he has acted in that capacity for several years and they loved him very much. He is already greatly missed.

Before we left for Atlanta we had my grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration. You can go here to read the poem my sister wrote about them and I mean it is right on the dime. (Go ahead, I'll wait for ya here!) Unfortunately, I did not get to help with the clean up (had to get on the road!) which was a lot I am sure. We made so much food and totally over budgeted with that as well. But it was very nice. My Uncle Herman from NC told several stories and had us cracking up. It was a very nice time. Almost the whole cake was eaten, yay! I was cutting really big slices so we wouldn't have too much left over.

Happy Anniversary MotMot & Skeebo, may the Lord bless you with many, many more years!
I love you!

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