Friday, August 18, 2006

Weekend plans...

I can't wait till tomorrow evening. We are going to have our first Weight Watchers Supper Club at Jessica's house. We decided to do this a few weeks ago and it is finally here. I guess you are wondering why I am so excited...huh...are ya? Well, I really don't get out much, especially with just the girls. That's grown-up girls, my friends. I love hanging out with the girls every now and again. We all need a little girl time, right?

So it is going to be me, Lori (my sister), Amy (my other sister), Sandy (my brother's girlfriend), Ivette (friend) and of course Jessica (since it is at her house!). I am not sure if anyone else is coming, so if you are in the neighborhood, then stop on by. Jess is serving fish tacos, I think. I'm not real sure about fish tacos but I guess we will see. The thing I am most excited about is whenever we all get together, we laugh so hard it hurts. (I need to remember to tighten my abs when I laugh, could help, right?) After dinner we are all going to go for a walk around the neighborhood. It is gonna be a really good time, I am sure! I will have to take some pictures to share, if stupid blogger will let me upload pictures. The sign of a true blogger is the camera she carries with her EVERYWHERE! Go figure!

Tomorrow morning we are going to visit my hubby. Thank goodness he is only 25 minutes from our home. The kids are excited. We can stay for about 4 hours. Although Jordan is going to a birthday party so we will have to leave a little early. The visitation room is like a big cafeteria with lots of round tables and chairs. We have to sit at an assigned table. There are vending machines with snacks and microwaveable meals and of course soda machines. He loves it when we come visit, not only because he misses us but he gets to eat things that he normally doesn't get to eat. He is known for eating a chicken sandwich, a double cheeseburger, a couple packs of wings, and a couple of strawberry shortcake cups and a candy bar or 2. Sounds like a lot but I guess since he doesn't get to do it often, he indulges when he can. We will play umpteen games of Uno or war or Go-fish or maybe even checkers. We will talk about the kids and school. They all just got really good progress reports so they can't wait to tell him. Jackson will probably arm wrestle his daddy and the girls will sing him a song or two or show him a new dance they learned on the playground. Basically, it is the same visit everytime we go. I just sit there and watch my kids with their daddy, every minute is precious.

After we get home, Mommy gets to cut the grass and work in the yard. Fun, fun! I totally can't wait....NOT! But it is something I guess I will have to do for a little bit longer. I'll be alright, it always is. So, what are your Saturday plans? Doin' anything fun? Huh, huh are ya? Well hope you have fun doin' it! Happy Saturday!

NOTE: Jessica, my spell check said your name was spelled wrong too, it also suggested cheesecake. Geez, I wonder what that means? Are we having 0 point cheesecake tomorrow night for dessert?

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