Friday, August 04, 2006

You guys...

It has been a rough couple of days but here I am still standing on the other side of it! Thanks to you guys who were praying for me. You have no idea how much that means to me. So here is a **great big hug** for all of you!

Winston passed away on Wednesday evening. His cousin, my son Ryan and myself were with him when he passed. It was a very sad moment for all of us. But he has gone to be with the Lord now. So we can rejoice in that! This happened so fast that it almost seems as if is a dream and we are gonna walk into NaNa's house and Winston will be right there sitting in his chair feeding Lobo (the dog) and watching Tiger Woods win another championship. He was doing that just last week.

He is going to be buried in Atlanta, so we are going to Atlanta Saturday after my grandparent's 60 anniversary celebration. It is about a 5 hour drive or so. My husband's cousin is going to ride with us and probably drive most of the way because I am so tired. (I ran a red light Wednesday night leaving my MIL's house to go pick up my kids from my Mom's....but I stopped and looked both ways first...I didn't even realize I did it until I was almost all the way through it...ooops. Luckily it was 11:30 at night and no cars were around...especially the cars with the blue lights on top!)

I spent all day yesterday working on the anniversary cake. I have only done 2 other wedding type cakes before. And now I remember why I don't do them. STRESSFUL! This one is a little crooked. I stacked the cakes staggered because we are going to have fresh flowers draped around it. I made probably over a thousand small drop flowers. I maybe only used 200. Talk about over budgeting. (Wish I could do that with my money budget!) So since they are like candy we are going to serve them like candy and use them to decorate different tables.
(Wow, it really looks crooked in the picture...not sure if it is really that crooked!) I also had to make a Wiggles cake yesterday too. Talk about feet aching...oh my goodness! I slept like a baby last night, not sure if I even moved at all!

I still haven't been able to visit too many of your blogs, I miss you! Today we are heading out to the church to get the fellowship hall ready for the anniv. celebration. And we are doing all of the food ourselves so we have to do that too. But we always have fun when we all get together. Me and my sisters and mom, we always laugh so hard that Mom snorts! :)

So please keep us in your prayers this weekend as we travel on very little sleep. By the way, my husband is not very happy about us traveling to Atlanta. We kinda argued about this last night. He hasn't been here to see how close my children and myself have gotten to Winston. He was like their grandfather! He has been in our lives for probably 6 years almost. So, look at me, I am not being very submissive to my husband's wishes. Have I become too independent? I know that he would go if he were here. He is just a worry wart! Oh well...

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