Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey ya'll has been forever since I blogged. I have been so busy with life that I just haven't had the time. I have been coming home from work just about everyday going right to the sewing machine getting ready for my spring line. I am very excited about the new fabric patterns that I found. I promise to post them just as soon as I get them on the website. You just can't wait can ya?!

Besides working I really have not had much going on. The kids are getting ready to start ball. Jess has softball assessments tomorrow morning. Jackson will start coach pitch baseball too in a couple of weeks. I love ball season. This time of the year is so much fun. I get to watch my kids play their hearts out doing something that they both enjoy. Jackson is also the bat boy for the JV Baseball team at our high school. So we are going to be pretty busy with that too.

Tomorrow night I am hosting the monthly Flip Flop Club dinner party here at my house. I am really excited. We like to have themes at our get togethers, just to have one more little bit of fun. This time it is Crazy Hat Night. I have to go tomorrow to find me a crazy hat. I will be rewarding the prize for the craziest hat! This group of girls are the best. We are always there for one another. We always have so much fun together. And laugh...I get side cramps I laugh so hard sometimes. So, obvoiusly I can't wait.

So this is about all for now. Dinner is almost ready, better get to it! Hope all of you (if you are still out there) have a very blessed and great weekend....I know I will!