Monday, May 12, 2008

What was i saying about Jackson...

......Well, a few hours after my last post I got a phone call from the school that Jackson had broken his arm. I was at MaMa's house visiting when they called me, so I rushed over to the school. I knew it was bad when I pulled up and he was in front of the school on the bench sitting with his principal, his teacher and the school nurse standing over him. I swung my car around and pulled up next to him. I had no idea what I would find. They had his arm splinted with a piece of cardboard and a sweat shirt tied around as a sling with a bag of ice. I peeked under the ice and oh my goodness. He had a dip in his arm. Obviously, yes it was broken.

We buckled him in his seat belt very carefully. I was then a nervous wreck. He was hurting so bad. They said that he was swinging and fell out of the the swing as he was going back of course at the highest point. He had scrapes on his face too where he landed. I rushed him to the ER. We only had to wait about 20 minutes and they took us back. We made a point of sitting right in front of the triage room so they could see him crying.

X-rays showed it broken in 2 places. One was a clean break, the other was not. It was not a pretty picture to say the least. They sent us to another doctor's office where they proceeded to give him a shot of Novocaine in each bone. That was horrible! He screamed so loud, it absolutely broke my heart. Lori came with me and had to keep reminding me not to cry. Once the Novocaine kicked in they manipulated it back into place. It took 2 tries. Then they put a pretty blue cast on it and sent me home with a prescription of Tylenol with codeine and a very hurt little boy.

He slept with me all weekend, so I got absolutely no sleep. He went to school today. We will see how long that lasts. His fingers are so swollen. But he is my brave little soldier. So my very active and energetic little fella has slowed down just a little bit for the moment.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I am thankful to be a mother.

I always knew being a mother was a special job - I obviously had no idea how true that was until I became a mother myself. I have been a mom now for almost 18 years. I know that you hear people say all the time that they could not imagine their lives without their kids. Well, I am going to say that too. "I can't imagine my life without my kids." That is the way God intended it to be. I am so thankful for all of my kids. They are each one a very special blessing in my life and in other lives around us too.

Ryan,17, is a strong, young man who is trying to find his way in this world. He is very smart, probably too smart for his or my own good. He is quite athletic and full of energy. He has always been such a great help to me. I realize that I am hard on him and I have sheltered him quite a bit, but I think that he has grown into that and has made me very proud to be his mom. I don't think I tell him that enough.

Jessica, 12, is a funny and out going young lady. (She thinks she is grown, as they all do at this age.) She is athletic and smart. She loves to play fast pitch softball and has played since she was 9. She is "the little momma", as she helps me out a great deal. Being a single mom, I am very thankful to have a daughter like her to walk along side of me.

Jordan, almost 10, is a very special. She almost always does what she is asked, rarely do I have to ask twice. She is my quiet one though. She loves to read and is very smart. I am now finding out that she is quite athletic as well, playing her first year in softball. She is one of the relief pitchers for her fast pitch team. She is a rare gem and I am very grateful that God blessed my life with her.

Jackson, almost 8, is a very strong-willed little boy. He is set in his ways and doesn't take anything off of anyone. He is smart too. He gets bored very easily and is very creative. I try to encourage him to write, because he has an awesome imagination, but he is a boy and doesn't really like to do that. He loves baseball and basketball and wants to play football this year too.
He is a challenge for me and always keeps me on my toes, but I love him even more for that.

Being a mom is by far the hardest job I've ever had - and yet of course, the most rewarding. I am so thankful for all 4 of my children and I pray that one day they can look back and remember all of the things that I have tried to teach and instill in their lives.

Thanks guys for making me a MOTHER!

Friday, May 02, 2008

What's happening...

Outside My Window... my car, Ryan's truck, softball stuff and one beautiful rose blooming in my garden.

I Am Thinking...about my Mama.

I Am Thankful...for my children all being healthy.

From the Kitchen... leftover spaghetti...yummy and sweet tea brewing.

I Am where tonight...just hannging out at home with my kids.

I Am Reading...lots of kid's homework.

I Am Hoping...that tomorrow is a beautiful day because we are going to be outside at the ball field all day.

I Am kids wrestling around on the living room floor...laughing and getting along...for the moment.

Around the the washer washing, the ice tea maker making, the computer computing, the kids kidding.

One of My Favorite the smell of a fresh linens coming out of the dryer.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...well since the week is almost over, I hope to get in my studio sometime and make a purse or two, relax, clean house, taxi kids around

I'm Feeling...pretty good right now....things are really good.

A Picture Thought to Share for the Day...

My MaMa

It is 12 am and I just can't sleep tonight for many reasons. And so I, Angie, blog! It has been like forever since I have blogged. I have been so busy lately. The kids are playing spring ball and work, that is about all I do anymore.

I feel like i have totally dropped off of the blogger sphere. Does anyone even come here anymore? So much has changed since I last poured out my heart here. So much! But at this moment I am typing with a heavy heart. My sweet, sweet MaMa is in the hospital again. She has been in and out for about 6 months now. She has had 3, maybe 4 back surgeries since November, been in and out of a nursing home. Now she is very, very sick. She has pneumonia really bad. The past few days she has been so sick that she has slept all day long. It truly breaks my heart when I go in and see her just laying there with the oxygen mask on and her eyes barely open. It is really tough for me. Yesterday when I went to see her I was really selfishly scared that she was just slowly fading away and that she was not even going to make it through the night last night. I can't imagine my life without her in it. I am the oldest of the grand children, so you know I am the favorite. :) I have so many happy memories that I shared with her. She loves to shop. She would take me on many road trips to see her sister, Aunt Gladys. I loved going there to see my cousins and hanging out with them. I guess eventually I grew out of going with her. Now I would give anything in this world for her to take me on one of our road trips.

Now my children have created sweet memories with her. They have spent the night with her, sleeping in the same bed I used to sleep in as a child when I would spend the night. Raking her yard for a few bucks she would insist on giving them. Picking her flowers to carry in a put in one of her vases. I feel very privileged to be her grand daughter and to have her blood running through my veins. She is strong and she is a fighter. She has fight hard for 6 months and I am very proud of her.

Last night when I came home, I was so burdened by my selfish need to have her here on this earth. I went into my bathroom and sobbed. I know that MaMa has lived a long, wonderful life and has experienced great things that she has passed on to all of us. We all carry a little bit of her with us everyday, where ever we go. I just hate to see her this way. So I prayed for God to keep her in His strong hands. I know that He has it, He knows what the future holds, what her future holds. I prayed that if it was His will for her to go back to her little green house then please start healing her as only He can. He can do it! I know that all of my family was saying the same prayer because today when I walked in her hospital room they had her sitting up in her fancy bed, she was alert and looking around, talking, she even tossed the therapy ball back and forth with me. She was smiling a bit and answering all the questions the nurse was asking her. She was quick to tell you what she thought of something she did or didn't like. My MaMa was back today. I was so happy and thrilled. I was amazed by the improvements she has made. Absolutely amazed!

Thank you God for answered prayer. If it is your will, then please continue to heal my Mama. Let us take her home to her little green house. Amen