Friday, May 02, 2008

What's happening...

Outside My Window... my car, Ryan's truck, softball stuff and one beautiful rose blooming in my garden.

I Am Thinking...about my Mama.

I Am Thankful...for my children all being healthy.

From the Kitchen... leftover spaghetti...yummy and sweet tea brewing.

I Am where tonight...just hannging out at home with my kids.

I Am Reading...lots of kid's homework.

I Am Hoping...that tomorrow is a beautiful day because we are going to be outside at the ball field all day.

I Am kids wrestling around on the living room floor...laughing and getting along...for the moment.

Around the the washer washing, the ice tea maker making, the computer computing, the kids kidding.

One of My Favorite the smell of a fresh linens coming out of the dryer.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...well since the week is almost over, I hope to get in my studio sometime and make a purse or two, relax, clean house, taxi kids around

I'm Feeling...pretty good right now....things are really good.

A Picture Thought to Share for the Day...

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