Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where I Am From....

I wrote this several years ago and just came across it again and I wanted to share it. Hope you enjoy it!

I am from a peaceful, small lowcountry river town; from shrimp and grits
and ketchup breakfasts.

I am from a small home with a large family, dirt roads and barefeet, kick the can under the street light, three wheelin' down the deep hole, gas in the ear.

I am from trawlers and baby goats and Rainbow Brite and Rick Springfield posters; from Brownie uniforms and Halloween carnivals taking 1st place dressed as a 2 headed person with my best friend Marci.

I am from Sunday morning church, big deep dimples and pear trees;
from old weathered Bibles of those gone ahead and trips with my MaMa
to visit my cousins.

From Little Miss Sunbeam, Happy Rain and Romper Room...I see___; from Wizard of Oz coming on TV once a year and snuggling up in my PJ's to watch with the rest of my family.

I am from Southern Baptists and organists; from ordained pastors and pot-luck dinners every week.

I'm from Graves and the land of cotton, Dixieland, peach cobbler and shrimp and gravy.

From the World War II veteran with lots of stories to tell; and the candy man in the big red van with lots of candy to share.

I am from beaches and lighthouses, treehouses and zip glides; from docks and crab pots, marshes and oyster beds.

I am from God, I am a child of His.