Saturday, September 30, 2006

Goin' on vacation!

We are leaving first thing in the morning to go on a week vacation on the Florida and my kids and my sister and her son. We are going to go to the pool everyday and walk on the beach. This is the actual resort we stay at. Do you see the first palmetto tree in the back behind the pool? Well, the balcony of our room is right by that tree on the 2nd floor. See it? You can picture us hanging out right there in the evenings and taking walks on the beach after dinner with the kids. See the row of chairs by the pool in the middle? Well, that is where we always sit so we can see the kids good in the pool. We will be nice and tan when we get back next Saturday. I can hear the waves breaking right now, hear 'em?

So, I hope that everyone has a great week! I know that we will! If you place an order on the website, I will get right to it on the 9th. Thanks so much for your understanding of a much needed break from the real world! ADIOS!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Here I am(said in a sing-song voice)....did ya miss me? I have been sooo busy this past week! The kids are out of school and I am working. So when I get home I try to do something with them. Last week we went to the park and out to get ice cream. Fun, they loved it.

I have also had 2 shows and have tons of orders to get completed before we leave for vacation on Saturday. Yay! So, I am exhausted!

As far as WW goes, I am up again .7. It is a little frustrating because I want to see the pounds drop. I have been working out like crazy. I think that maybe I am going to stop working out on Monday afternoon, maybe wait til the evening. I realize that muscle weighs more than fat. I can really see a big difference in my clothes.

Saturday when we went to see my husband he said that he could really notice a huge difference, especially in my face. He even said I had a nice butt. *blush*

We are leaving Saturday morning bright and early for our week in Florida. We are going to a condo on the beach. Our room overlooks the ocean and the pool. We have been going there every year for 9 years. We always go the 39th week, so we get to see the same people every year. It is really nice to see everyone, especially after a year. There are not a lot of kids that go, only a few. But my kids are out on break so it works out.

My sister is going with us again this year. She has gone with us every year since my husband has been gone. We always look so forward to going. This year her hubby can't go so it is just me, her and the kids. Florida better watch out!

Since we are both broke our plans include laying out by the pool and on the beach every single day! Sounds great to me! I can't wait to go! Of course the week goes by so fast! We will be home next Saturday the 5th.

We both should be able to post since the condo has a community computer. Probably only briefly but I may have more time than I have now at home these days!

This past Saturday we had our 2nd annual Flip Flop Club dinner at my sister's house. This is the picture we took after dinner, and a yummy dinner it was! We had so much fun! I haven't laughed so hard in a really long time. But my lips are sealed! *zip*

Carla, me, Sandy, Paige, Cyndy, Amy (my baby sister), Lori (other baby sister), Jessica and Ivette

So here we are once again! These girls are a trip! I am so grateful that they are all in my life. We have all become such great friends! I know that I can call on any of these ladies at any time! They are the best. I love you guys!

Monday, September 18, 2006

WW-wk 11

Weight Watcher's night.....ugh....I am up .2. I was just a little disappointed. :( I really, really tried extra hard this past week. And since I also joined the gym Wednesday, the "weigh-in lady" said that that was why. Apparently muscle weighs more than fat. Which I get but I just started on Wednesday. I have worked out 5 times since then.

Regardless of what the scale says, I feel so good. It has been a really long time since I felt this good, high school...maybe! Who knows? I love going to the gym. I go right after I get off of work so there is hardly anyone there. I never have to wait on machines, which is so cool. I met with a trainer and he put me on a circuit routine. I just go from machine to machine to machine. Next week he is going to show me another routine I can do too.

Finally people that I haven't seen in a while are noticing. A couple even called me "skinny". Can you believe it? That is the kinda thing that keeps me going! This guy was even hitting on me in the gym...go figure! "Sorry...Married!" But it still made me feel good.

S, here are the plans for this week besides working out everyday. Friday afternoon I am going to play golf with my sister Lori and our friend Jessica. I love golf! Me and Jessica played a couple weeks ago and it was so fun! We are going to walk (some), one of us will be driving the cart while the others walk. We are taking turns. (right, ladies?) Then Saturday evening we are having our 2nd annual Flip Flop Club dinner party at Lori's house. She is making shrimp and crab casserole of some sort. We'll see! I just love getting together with "the girls". Saturday afternoon me and the kids are going to see my husband. They are having some sort of cook out. They are serving fried fish. He is so excited. He has only had fish once since he left, and it wasn't fresh and it wasn't fried. I have not seen him in about a month, I think! I am curious to see if he notices my weight loss. He does not like it that I have joined the gym. (Probably 'cuz guys might hit on me....just kidding!) Anyways, and being that I am a working girl again, I am going to be a busy woman.

Oh, I have a purse show tomorrow night and then another one Sunday afternoon. Yay! I love doing these kinds of shows. I get to fellowship with other ladies, it's not even like work! So, I am not sure how much I will be on this week. Plus the kids are out of school for the next 3 weeks, intersession break. SO.MUCH.GOING.ON! If I don't get by, be patient, I will!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to work...

Well, I took the plunge this week and went back to work. I am working in the deed room at the courthouse. I am working part time at the moment. This is a big transistion for me as I have not been out side of my home to work in 5 and a half years. I am still making purses as well. I am doing those when I get home and when the kids go to bed.

I Prayed about this decision for a while and really felt led to do it now. Things are just way too tight for us right now. I am hoping that this will help ease the stress just a little bit! Plus, I work in a room with a bunch of my old friends form when I worked there before. It is kinda nice to actually get to have adult conversation once in a while. Or at least to be around other adults, same difference!

I also joined the gym today. Yay me! I am meeting with a personal trainer tomorrow afternoon (after work). I went today and worked the elliptical for 30 minutes. I was dying! I can already feel it in my legs. Ugh! So that was all i did. Hopefully tomorrow I will get an idea of a workout I can do to try to tone up a little. I am really excited about doing this. I just got tired of trying to workout at home when I have to stop and do laundry or the dishes or to stop the fight breaking out in the bedrooms. Now I have non-interrupted time for ME!

Tomorrow night (Thursday) is our PTO meeting when the current Pres. hands over the reins to the new 'gang' of which I am the VP. I am a little nervous as we are starting to plan the Fall Festival which is in October. I have never planned anything more than my kids birthday parties. So, any ideas you guys have will be greatly welcomed.

I am heading off to bed now, I am tired! This is going to be hard to get adjusted to, getting up before the kids and actually having to get dressed and ready. So, sweet dreams to all!
Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL (my nephew)! Can't wait to come to yours and Mason's party Saturday. I am so gonna go down that slide with you guys this time! So beware! Aunt Angie is ready to have fun with you guys! Love you!

Monday, September 11, 2006

WW-wk 10

Tonight at our weigh-in, I was a little bit nervous since we had a week off for the Labor Day holiday last Monday. It seems that when I get a week off, I am a little more "lax" with my eating. Although I did not do that bad, I was still a little nervous about it. I really worked hard this past week. Although I would have loved to lose more since really it was 2 weeks, I did lose 2.8 pounds, which puts my total at 23.2 pounds. I am now 196.4.

Next week we will set my next goal. Tonight I hit my 10% goal (21 lbs.). I still can't believe that I lost 10% of my body weight. It was so easy. We have such a close small group (our Flip Flop Club) and that helps because I have kinda made it into a competition for myself. I want to succeed and do this. It feels good when I get compliments. Especially from my Mom (hi Mom, I lost 10%, ahhhh!). I haven't seen my hubby in about a month, I wonder if he will notice. We won't go see him till next weekend so I will lose more by then.

CC, I will be calling you this week to check on your progress. I am holding you accountable girlie! You can count on it! Walk Thursday?

"We shall never forget"...Suzanne H. Passaro

On this the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it is my privilege and honor to remember and share with you about Suzanne Helen Passaro of East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Suzanne, or Suzy as she was known to many, perished on 9/11/01 at the World Trade Center. She was 38 years old. She was an Aon Corporation client service broker. She had worked very hard to climb the Aon corporate ladder. She was well known for her "down to earth exuberance".

Suzy was born May 12, 1963 to Tony and Helene Passaro. She was born on Mother's Day of that year. Her mother says "She was a wonderful gift." Her mother remembers on May 11, 2002, "Our Sue was the little one in our family which was funny because she turned out to be a good three inches taller than her older sister (Irene) which was her only sibling. Her middle name Helen (english) was after myself since just like tomorrow she arrived to the World on Mother's Day. We miss her and wish that she was with us every moment of every day. As her family we will be meeting tomorrow morning to celebrate her birthday at what once was the WTC."

Her sister, Irene, remembers, "Suzy liked going to Atlantic City and playing the slots, she liked to travel to different resort islands, Aruba being her favorite. She loved to be with people, dancing, fine dining and on the flip side she like to go camping and fishing. She had a lot of energy and was full of life."

Suzy had so much joy and love to share in her life especially to her cat named "Max". He brought lots of happiness to her life as well. Suzanne's block for the United in Memory 9/11 Memorial Quilt reflects that. The block was made by Suzi Cassidy. Another quilt block was made in her honor too, you can go here to see it. What a special tribute, truly it is!

Her sister, Irene, also recalls a very special memory of Suzy when she writes, "Suzy enjoyed the holidays spent with family, friends and the needy people. She looked out for two special little sisters who were living in a homeless shelter with their mother and she became their secret Santa. Each year, the day right after Thanksgiving, she would go shopping to buy toys for the two little girls. One year, they sent her a note thanking her along with their picture and she placed their picture in her wallet next to her family photos she carried with her all the time. It meant a lot for Suzy to give to those who had a lot less. Sometimes money may have been tight for her but, she always found a way to help others."

Obviously, Suzanne was loved by many. She was a very giving person, kind, considerate, funny and loved to have fun. Although I never knew Suzy, I feel know as if I do know her. She will forever be apart of my life and I will remember her and will pray for her family often. She is surely missed by many.

My heart breaks this time every year as we remember all 2996 people that perished that awful day 5 years ago. That is why this was so important to me to be apart of the 2996 Tribute today. This world was changed forever on that day. I can say that it has made me a stronger person. My faith grew stronger as well as my heart. Although I did not know anyone personally who perished, I now feel like I have known Suzy forever. Thank you for that! I would also like to thank Suzi Cassidy of Southern California for helping with this entry. I see that Suzy has a special place in your heart as well.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of
compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hometown Football Game

Last night we went to the Beaufort High School football game. I took all of the kids. We met Jessica and Jeremiah and their 2 little ones there. I have really been wanting to do things like this for Jackson especially. He is the lonely boy here amongst all us girls. And after he asked his sister to paint his nails a few weeks ago, I thought I better start doing 'boy' stuff too.

Well Jackson had a blast. He sat right next to Jeremiah the whole game. He would holler whatever J-miah would holler. "GO DEFENSE!" "WHAT WAS THAT?" COME ON EAGLES!" You get the picture? It made me feel so good on the inside to see J-miah step up for Jackson and be a Godly role model for him. Thanks J-miah!

I can also say that me and the girls had a good time too. Ryan goes to BHS and it is also my alma-mater. And honestly I never thought my kids would ever be in high school. Funny, huh? But they grow up so fast! I can not even believe it!

Oh BTW, the Eagles lost 10-14. Big bummer, but it was a good game. We will definitely make this a family outing on Friday nights from now on.Me and JessicaJackson and Sam (Jackson really thought he was posing with a famous person). Thanks Sam!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Out of Control

Do you ever feel like your life is totally out of control? I am sure that I am not alone in this, come on 'fess up. In this, a very fast-paced world, life can slip out of control. I am sure that it happens to the best of us...agree?

But I know that because of God's grace, He won't reject me when I fail or fall short. Because afterall we all fall short, right? I have learned that God looks for our willingness to let go and let Him have it. He looks for true repentance. I also know that when I am "in Christ" that life is not in MY control but in God's control. Thank goodness for all of us that all of our past problems and our current struggles and even our temporary setbacks do not hinder God's work in and through our lives. He offers us all hope to getting our lives under control even after we have crashed and burned.

He wants us to live our lives as a person after His own heart. He is here to help us all control our sin nature. ('cause you know we all have a sin nature) He understands our struggles and our weaknesses. He knows all about them ALL. If we are obedient and follow His will for our lives then He will indeed take care of us.

I count on this everyday. Maybe lately I have not been as Christ filled as I would like to be, but He always leaves the door open for us and our placed saved for when we decide to return to His feet. And I count on that! Boy, do I ever!

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Psalm 51:12

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Been busy!

Been a busy girl these past few days. You know it is Labor Day Weekend! I am in the process of adding my new fall designs to my line of purses. They will be on the website soon, like really soon! So go take a look-see!

This is a new Western Rodeo Diaper Bag.
This one is called Olive Carousel...I love the fall colors in it!
Black and Pink Retro Circles...I think this one is very hip and very bright!
One of my favorites...Red Bandana...this one is just plain fun!
Classic Blue and Brown Toile...I can do this one in a diaper bag too.
I just wanted to share with you guys what I have been up to lately. Sewing away like a mad lady! Spread the word....The New Fall Designs Are Here. There will be many more on the website...hopefully by next week. So go check 'em out!