Monday, September 11, 2006

WW-wk 10

Tonight at our weigh-in, I was a little bit nervous since we had a week off for the Labor Day holiday last Monday. It seems that when I get a week off, I am a little more "lax" with my eating. Although I did not do that bad, I was still a little nervous about it. I really worked hard this past week. Although I would have loved to lose more since really it was 2 weeks, I did lose 2.8 pounds, which puts my total at 23.2 pounds. I am now 196.4.

Next week we will set my next goal. Tonight I hit my 10% goal (21 lbs.). I still can't believe that I lost 10% of my body weight. It was so easy. We have such a close small group (our Flip Flop Club) and that helps because I have kinda made it into a competition for myself. I want to succeed and do this. It feels good when I get compliments. Especially from my Mom (hi Mom, I lost 10%, ahhhh!). I haven't seen my hubby in about a month, I wonder if he will notice. We won't go see him till next weekend so I will lose more by then.

CC, I will be calling you this week to check on your progress. I am holding you accountable girlie! You can count on it! Walk Thursday?

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