Monday, September 18, 2006

WW-wk 11

Weight Watcher's night.....ugh....I am up .2. I was just a little disappointed. :( I really, really tried extra hard this past week. And since I also joined the gym Wednesday, the "weigh-in lady" said that that was why. Apparently muscle weighs more than fat. Which I get but I just started on Wednesday. I have worked out 5 times since then.

Regardless of what the scale says, I feel so good. It has been a really long time since I felt this good, high school...maybe! Who knows? I love going to the gym. I go right after I get off of work so there is hardly anyone there. I never have to wait on machines, which is so cool. I met with a trainer and he put me on a circuit routine. I just go from machine to machine to machine. Next week he is going to show me another routine I can do too.

Finally people that I haven't seen in a while are noticing. A couple even called me "skinny". Can you believe it? That is the kinda thing that keeps me going! This guy was even hitting on me in the gym...go figure! "Sorry...Married!" But it still made me feel good.

S, here are the plans for this week besides working out everyday. Friday afternoon I am going to play golf with my sister Lori and our friend Jessica. I love golf! Me and Jessica played a couple weeks ago and it was so fun! We are going to walk (some), one of us will be driving the cart while the others walk. We are taking turns. (right, ladies?) Then Saturday evening we are having our 2nd annual Flip Flop Club dinner party at Lori's house. She is making shrimp and crab casserole of some sort. We'll see! I just love getting together with "the girls". Saturday afternoon me and the kids are going to see my husband. They are having some sort of cook out. They are serving fried fish. He is so excited. He has only had fish once since he left, and it wasn't fresh and it wasn't fried. I have not seen him in about a month, I think! I am curious to see if he notices my weight loss. He does not like it that I have joined the gym. (Probably 'cuz guys might hit on me....just kidding!) Anyways, and being that I am a working girl again, I am going to be a busy woman.

Oh, I have a purse show tomorrow night and then another one Sunday afternoon. Yay! I love doing these kinds of shows. I get to fellowship with other ladies, it's not even like work! So, I am not sure how much I will be on this week. Plus the kids are out of school for the next 3 weeks, intersession break. SO.MUCH.GOING.ON! If I don't get by, be patient, I will!

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