Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hometown Football Game

Last night we went to the Beaufort High School football game. I took all of the kids. We met Jessica and Jeremiah and their 2 little ones there. I have really been wanting to do things like this for Jackson especially. He is the lonely boy here amongst all us girls. And after he asked his sister to paint his nails a few weeks ago, I thought I better start doing 'boy' stuff too.

Well Jackson had a blast. He sat right next to Jeremiah the whole game. He would holler whatever J-miah would holler. "GO DEFENSE!" "WHAT WAS THAT?" COME ON EAGLES!" You get the picture? It made me feel so good on the inside to see J-miah step up for Jackson and be a Godly role model for him. Thanks J-miah!

I can also say that me and the girls had a good time too. Ryan goes to BHS and it is also my alma-mater. And honestly I never thought my kids would ever be in high school. Funny, huh? But they grow up so fast! I can not even believe it!

Oh BTW, the Eagles lost 10-14. Big bummer, but it was a good game. We will definitely make this a family outing on Friday nights from now on.Me and JessicaJackson and Sam (Jackson really thought he was posing with a famous person). Thanks Sam!

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