Monday, September 25, 2006


Here I am(said in a sing-song voice)....did ya miss me? I have been sooo busy this past week! The kids are out of school and I am working. So when I get home I try to do something with them. Last week we went to the park and out to get ice cream. Fun, they loved it.

I have also had 2 shows and have tons of orders to get completed before we leave for vacation on Saturday. Yay! So, I am exhausted!

As far as WW goes, I am up again .7. It is a little frustrating because I want to see the pounds drop. I have been working out like crazy. I think that maybe I am going to stop working out on Monday afternoon, maybe wait til the evening. I realize that muscle weighs more than fat. I can really see a big difference in my clothes.

Saturday when we went to see my husband he said that he could really notice a huge difference, especially in my face. He even said I had a nice butt. *blush*

We are leaving Saturday morning bright and early for our week in Florida. We are going to a condo on the beach. Our room overlooks the ocean and the pool. We have been going there every year for 9 years. We always go the 39th week, so we get to see the same people every year. It is really nice to see everyone, especially after a year. There are not a lot of kids that go, only a few. But my kids are out on break so it works out.

My sister is going with us again this year. She has gone with us every year since my husband has been gone. We always look so forward to going. This year her hubby can't go so it is just me, her and the kids. Florida better watch out!

Since we are both broke our plans include laying out by the pool and on the beach every single day! Sounds great to me! I can't wait to go! Of course the week goes by so fast! We will be home next Saturday the 5th.

We both should be able to post since the condo has a community computer. Probably only briefly but I may have more time than I have now at home these days!

This past Saturday we had our 2nd annual Flip Flop Club dinner at my sister's house. This is the picture we took after dinner, and a yummy dinner it was! We had so much fun! I haven't laughed so hard in a really long time. But my lips are sealed! *zip*

Carla, me, Sandy, Paige, Cyndy, Amy (my baby sister), Lori (other baby sister), Jessica and Ivette

So here we are once again! These girls are a trip! I am so grateful that they are all in my life. We have all become such great friends! I know that I can call on any of these ladies at any time! They are the best. I love you guys!

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