Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graduation Day!

Today was graduation day for Jessica. She is officially a 6th grader. I am so very proud of her and I am looking forward to be a witness to all she accomplishes in life, because she an over-achiever. I am not sure if she gets that from me or not. I like to do well at all I do, so perhaps she is.

After her "promotion ceremony", I took her to lunch, just the 2 of us. We went to Jade Garden (her fav restaurant). Although, now I am completely stuffed and I really didn't eat all that much! I think it is just what they put in that type of food that makes you feel as if you will explode.

Today is also the last day of school for this school year! Jackson will be going to 2nd grade and Jordan will be in the 4th grade. Ryan still has a couple more days of school left, but he will be a Junior in high school. I absolutely can't believe that! I can't believe I have a child who is going to be a Junior in HS. It seems like I just graduated myself....about 19 years ago. whoa!

Jordan had her piano recital last Thursday night. She did so well! I am quite proud of her too! She wants to go practice with Mamaw and play a hymn at church one Sunday morning!!

This is going to be a very busy summer for us. We pretty much have plans all the way through July, even into August! First, Jackson will be turning 7. He is going to have a pirate birthday party. He is very excited about that. His b-day is June 21st, but his party is going to be June 23. We have a dolphin water slide booked for him. He loves that! My baby will be 7, yikes. You know they grow up so fast....

I have adjusted my hours at work so that I can come home earlier than noon while the kids are out of school. I will be going to work around 6am and getting off at 10 now. Of course, about that time the kids will be getting up out of bed, lazy bums. But it's summer time! Let 'em enjoy it, right?

Friday night we are going to be having another girl's dinner out at Outback. But this time, it is a sad occasion. One of our fellow Flip Floppers, Carla, is going to be moving here in the next couple weeks. She is only moving to Georgia but we are all still very sad. We have all become so very close to one another. It will not be a good bye, just a so long, until we see her again. But as we always remind ourselves and her...once a Flip-Flopper, always a Flip-Flopper. We love you Carla!

That is about it for now, I will try to keep you updated on our summer fun, for now I am gonna go take a nap. That food makes you quite sleepy too! ZZZZzzz!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Go Faster!"

Over Spring Break a couple weeks ago we were able to go out in the boat with a friend of ours. We live with water surrounding us from all angles, but my kids had never been on a boat (besides my daddy's shrimp boat). We go to the beach...all of 'em! But when we went in the river in the boat, they thought it was THE COOLEST thing ever. We went to a sandbar and the kids ran all over until it was almost completely covered with water as the tide came in. Then we made the loop around so the kids could enjoy a real boat ride. Jackson did not get to go with us on this trip because he was on a camp out with church. (He had fun too!)

This is a picture of the docks at Port Royal.
Me and Jess taking a picture of ourselves as we are going about 30 MPH down the river...i.e.. Jess' eyes.

I love this shot. They thought it was so cool that we went under the bridge that we go over all the time!

Lizzie, Grace, Jordan and Jessica
The girl's hangin out!
We had a great time that was a great memory for the kids! Hopefully we will have many, many more this summer! Just a few more weeks of school left and we are out for the summer. I hope to make lots of new memories with my children this summer too!