Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Could it be?

I found these pictures on the PI message board and I think that that is Ryan hiding behind the tree. What do you think? I'm pretty sure that is his SDI!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So last night when Tony and I were headed home from our yummy dinner out at Mizu's, we saw a double rainbow. So we went straight to The Sands to get some pictures. When we got to The Sands we saw that it was ending right at Parris Island. I wish I could have gotten a shot of the whole entire thing but it was TOO big! It was so beautiful!

It reminded me of God's promises. It again gave me great comfort to know that He will protect my boy according to His will.

That is Parris Island!
Parris Island from The Sands in Port Royal
We just thought this was cool...kinda looks like mountains in Beaufort!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I finally got my first "form letter" from Ryan today. It was a pre-typed letter with his address and a little bit of other information we need to know. I have already mailed the letter I wrote to him out. I had it all ready to go so I could send it as soon as I got his address. I also printed out the MLB standings for him. I am going to try to send something a few times a week. The letter did say that we could send protein bars and powdered gatorade, so I will be doing that this weekend.

I am very excited that I can now communicate with my boy now!

On another note, Jessica made the Beaufort Middle School Lady Gryphons Volleyball team, I am very proud of her too. She loves playing volleyball and I hope she continues to play all the way through school. Besides the fact that I LOVE to watch her play!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Chapel

Just got a call from my Mom, that my Dad met Ryan's Drill Instructor this morning. My Dad volunteers for Campus Crusade for Christ and preaches at PI to the recruits on Sundays. Today he had DI Lounge so he didn't get to see Ry, but he did meet his DI. Not sure if that is good or not. The DI said he just met him yesterday and that he seems to be adjusting well! I guess that is good to hear. Dad's friend was in Chapel and did see Ryan and he said that he like just like the rest of the recruits..."like a deer caught in the headlights".

I just wanna hug him so badly! I want to tell him how proud I am of him, I want to tell him that everyday! First of all, I am proud that he went to Chapel today! I am sure that he was hoping to see G-Daddy today but now he can look forward to next week.

So school starts tomorrow, I am hoping that when we get into a schedule that time will go by a bit faster. Volleyball games will start in a month and of course homework. Here we go...Jackson starts 4th grade; Jordan starts 6th grade; Jessica starts 8th grade. They are all growing up so fast.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

Saturday is here and we now have our first Friday under our belt. 2 months and 3 weeks until Ryan graduates Marine Corps boot camp. I have found this amazing website where moms, dads, wives, etc. can come together and chat. I love it there. It is sometimes hard to find people who can relate to what I am going through. Thye just don't get it. But this site is the best. I have asked silly stupid questions that I learned were really not so stupid.

Today Ryan will meet his drill insrtuctor and be assigned to his platoon. I did find out thanks to Brett and Danny that he did pick up 2 Bn Fox Co. So I am now a 'Foxy Lady'...learned that in the chat room. So hopefully by the end of next week I should have a letter or actually it is a postcard form with his address on it. We plan on writing him very, very often. We are so incredibly proud of him.

It seems like forever until graduation, which will be November 6th. But we will see. It is so nice to have all my friends and family calling to check on us. We are doing great! Just missing our recruit something fierce. As ready as we were to get his lazy behind out of here we are just as anxious to get him out of boot camp. I am really praying that he realizes how much we really care about him and love him.

I plan on documenting my whole experience here on my blog so Ryan can someday go back and read it and truly know how much he is loved.

I wonder what they do when it is raining? They are future Marines so do they go out in the rain to train too? I am sure they do.

So close, yet so far away....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Future Marine

This morning at 7am my oldest son, Ryan, left the nest and went to embark on his new life as he becomes a United States Marine at Parris Island Recruit Depot. I am so incredibly proud of him! This is a decision that he made on his own. I believe that it was a very wise decision for him, especially in this economy. He will learn so much about his field of choice as well as about himself.
I said that I wouldn't cry today but as soon as Tony left to take him to meet his recruiter, I realized he was gone. He may never live with us again. He is a grown man, at least he will be come November at graduation. So, how ironic that in the Beaufort Gazette this morning there was an article about Parris Island making Marines. You can go here to read it! It is very touching and moving. I can't wait to see my Marine at graduation. But first I really can't wait to get a letter from him saying that he is OK. Until then, I will keep praying for him and his strength.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Why oh why can't I go to sleep?! I am so tired but when I go to bed I just can't get to sleep! I have checked up on all my facebook friends so now I am getting bored! I've got to get up at 6:30.
Plus, my baby boy will be home tomorrow afternoon from RA camp. I have really missed him. But I am sure he had a blast. Camp McCall is the same camp that Ryan used to go to. He had fun and talked about it for days! Jackson has become a very indepedent kind of kid lately. He has chores that he is responsible for every week. He takes out the trash and cuts the grass and weed eaters on Saturdays! He appreciates hard work, sometimes he doesn't like it but he will do it.
Speaking of Ryan, he will be leaving for Marine Corps Boot Camp on Monday. I am super proud of him for making such a huge decision for his life. I think that he will be an awesome Marine. He will graduate in November. But I will have a huge hole in my heart until he gets back. He won't even be coming back home here to our house but at least I will be able to talk to him regular. 13 weeks with no contact but maybe a phone call toward the end, wow, never gone that long before. But I am gonna pray that he wears his armour everywhere he goes. The Armour of God. I pray that God will protect him in all that he encounters. I am excited that my Dad will be able to see him on some Sundays. He is part of the Campus Crusade for Christ and preaches at Parris Island some Sundays.
Jessica has been in Atlanta for a week now, and I miss her too. She has become such a mature young woman over this summer. She is so beautiful. She will have volleyball tryouts this coming Monday afternoon. She loves volleyball and is really good at it! I am super proud of her too. She will be in the 8th grade this year...wow! She has come along way!

And there is my sweet, sweet Jordie Pie! She has come into her own this summer as well! She always has a smile and is willing to help me out whenever I need it. She has developed a little personality of her own. She gets sassy but with Jordan it's in a respectful way! Only she could do that and get away with it. Love her!

And there is Lizzie, she is definately a little firecracker, just like her Daddy. She has been here for the summer. She was goingto stay with us but has know decided to go back home with her Mom. We will miss! She is leaving on Thursday. That will be a tough day for Tony but we will all be fine! I can't believe that the summer is coming to a close already. I has been a good one. We went to Atlanta for a mini vacation with Lori, Brett and Mason. Spent many days and nights at the pool grilling out and havinf quality family time.
I love my life and really would not wish to be anywhere else but here. I am blessed and happy right where I am!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Checking my coupons and clipping them twice!

So I have embarked on a new obssession...saving money! With a family as large as ours then I have got to try to save wherever I can. I am very excited about this! I have started at www.southernsavers.com and they pretty much do all the research and hard work for you!

Right now I am researching online all the different ways to find and use coupons.

The most exciting thing I have found from word of mouth is that Publix accepts all competitor coupons. I mean Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, BiLo, Food Lion, the list keeps going on! And they will accept a competitor coupon plus a manufacturer coupon on the same item.

Ok, now I am off to find some more deals. In this economy, clipping coupons is the new way to go. Don't let it get you, show them!