Friday, August 21, 2009


I finally got my first "form letter" from Ryan today. It was a pre-typed letter with his address and a little bit of other information we need to know. I have already mailed the letter I wrote to him out. I had it all ready to go so I could send it as soon as I got his address. I also printed out the MLB standings for him. I am going to try to send something a few times a week. The letter did say that we could send protein bars and powdered gatorade, so I will be doing that this weekend.

I am very excited that I can now communicate with my boy now!

On another note, Jessica made the Beaufort Middle School Lady Gryphons Volleyball team, I am very proud of her too. She loves playing volleyball and I hope she continues to play all the way through school. Besides the fact that I LOVE to watch her play!

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Lori said...

HaHa!!!! Love the pic!!