Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Why oh why can't I go to sleep?! I am so tired but when I go to bed I just can't get to sleep! I have checked up on all my facebook friends so now I am getting bored! I've got to get up at 6:30.
Plus, my baby boy will be home tomorrow afternoon from RA camp. I have really missed him. But I am sure he had a blast. Camp McCall is the same camp that Ryan used to go to. He had fun and talked about it for days! Jackson has become a very indepedent kind of kid lately. He has chores that he is responsible for every week. He takes out the trash and cuts the grass and weed eaters on Saturdays! He appreciates hard work, sometimes he doesn't like it but he will do it.
Speaking of Ryan, he will be leaving for Marine Corps Boot Camp on Monday. I am super proud of him for making such a huge decision for his life. I think that he will be an awesome Marine. He will graduate in November. But I will have a huge hole in my heart until he gets back. He won't even be coming back home here to our house but at least I will be able to talk to him regular. 13 weeks with no contact but maybe a phone call toward the end, wow, never gone that long before. But I am gonna pray that he wears his armour everywhere he goes. The Armour of God. I pray that God will protect him in all that he encounters. I am excited that my Dad will be able to see him on some Sundays. He is part of the Campus Crusade for Christ and preaches at Parris Island some Sundays.
Jessica has been in Atlanta for a week now, and I miss her too. She has become such a mature young woman over this summer. She is so beautiful. She will have volleyball tryouts this coming Monday afternoon. She loves volleyball and is really good at it! I am super proud of her too. She will be in the 8th grade this year...wow! She has come along way!

And there is my sweet, sweet Jordie Pie! She has come into her own this summer as well! She always has a smile and is willing to help me out whenever I need it. She has developed a little personality of her own. She gets sassy but with Jordan it's in a respectful way! Only she could do that and get away with it. Love her!

And there is Lizzie, she is definately a little firecracker, just like her Daddy. She has been here for the summer. She was goingto stay with us but has know decided to go back home with her Mom. We will miss! She is leaving on Thursday. That will be a tough day for Tony but we will all be fine! I can't believe that the summer is coming to a close already. I has been a good one. We went to Atlanta for a mini vacation with Lori, Brett and Mason. Spent many days and nights at the pool grilling out and havinf quality family time.
I love my life and really would not wish to be anywhere else but here. I am blessed and happy right where I am!

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