Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Go Faster!"

Over Spring Break a couple weeks ago we were able to go out in the boat with a friend of ours. We live with water surrounding us from all angles, but my kids had never been on a boat (besides my daddy's shrimp boat). We go to the beach...all of 'em! But when we went in the river in the boat, they thought it was THE COOLEST thing ever. We went to a sandbar and the kids ran all over until it was almost completely covered with water as the tide came in. Then we made the loop around so the kids could enjoy a real boat ride. Jackson did not get to go with us on this trip because he was on a camp out with church. (He had fun too!)

This is a picture of the docks at Port Royal.
Me and Jess taking a picture of ourselves as we are going about 30 MPH down the river...i.e.. Jess' eyes.

I love this shot. They thought it was so cool that we went under the bridge that we go over all the time!

Lizzie, Grace, Jordan and Jessica
The girl's hangin out!
We had a great time that day...it was a great memory for the kids! Hopefully we will have many, many more this summer! Just a few more weeks of school left and we are out for the summer. I hope to make lots of new memories with my children this summer too!

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