Monday, August 21, 2006

WW-wk 8

Here it is Weight Watchers Monday (actually it's almost Tuesday). So I am gonna be real quick here. If you want toread what I learned tonight in the meeting then go here and look for the post "How does your seed grow?" I didn't put a direct link because these ladies are very inspiring so browse around and glean some weight loss wisdom.

I had a good week this week. I was very excited. I can honestly say that this is the easiest weight loss plan I have ever done. I can have whatever I want, no questions asked, I just need to stay within my budget. So, when I am deciding what to eat, I ponder on it and decide if it is really worth the point value. Is it really gonna be that good? Nah, so I'll put the Oreos and M&M's back up. Will power, I have gained a lot of will power the past 2 months.

I lost 2.8 pounds this week, for a total of 17 pounds. So, now I am at 202.6 pounds. It was kinda funny because Lori and I started at the same time and tonight we had both lost 17 pounds exactly. Of course, she is .8 from her goal weight and I am about 30 or 35 away. You go girl! Thanks Lori for making me go 2 months ago, ok, not making me but asking me to go with you! Yay us!

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