Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A new journey

Each new day brings a new way to praise the Lord. And today is a new day! Today is my brother's 2nd day at Faith Home. I am sure that this is not going to be an easy journey for him but it is a journey he has to take nonetheless. I am so proud of him for taking this step.

God is in the business of putting lives back together. He does not always do it the way that we expect Him to. But He always does it in a way that is best for us! I know that I don't particularly like the path we are on. But I know that there is a plan for all of us.

Trials are apart of life, especially life with Christ. I known that when my husband was going through his trials, both literal and spiritual, he would often ask me when I was on the way out of the door going to church without him if I would pray for him to get out of the situation he was in. At first, yes I did, but soon my prayer became that he would stay strong and for the Lord to do whatever was best for him. And He did.

It was and still is very despairing when I think about the big picture. I definitely would not have wanted this for my family. But because of these trials I have become a much stronger woman. I have become quite independent. And whether or not my husband has changed or not, I know that I am a better person because of these trials. I have grown in more ways than I could ever describe to you.

As long as we are in this world, we are going to have trials. It is a definite way of life here. Sometimes not so fun but if we learn from them then, yes, it is all worth it. We also may not even understand why things happen, but He will always bring the good out of every situation. I have learned many spiritual lessons from our trials. Some not really what I would have wanted.

So, this is also my prayer for my brother. I know that this is going to be a tough time for him. But after witnessing him on Sunday morning in church I could tell that he has finally given his cares and trials to the Lord. God has great, great plans for Bernie and I personally can't wait to see what they are.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many
kinds. James 1:2

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Bernie and my Dad yesterday

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