Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fun at Cheesecake's house

OMG, we had so much fun last night at our first ever WW supper club at Jessica's house aka Cheesecake. It was so good. And I am not sure I have ever told you guys how much of a picky eater I am. Well, I am a picky eater. I don't like many vegetables, which makes eating healthy quite a challenge. But I am really trying to expand my horizon's regarding my food choices.

So, when I got to Jessica's house I was a little nervous about her menu. She had a really good appetizer. Then she served fish tacos. (I was really worried about them.) It just doesn't sound appetizing. But they were really good. She also served black beans and corn, mango chutney, homemade salsa, ginger coconut rice, and ginger slaw. I ate everything except the ginger slaw. And it was really good. I bet Jess stayed in the kitchen ALL.DAY.LONG to get all of this ready for us. Then for dessert she made homemade tiramasu. I had never had it but mmmm it was good. (4 points for a 1/2 inch slice.) She modified the recipe to make it WW friendly. I really could have eaten another slice but didn't, although Lori did. shame*shame!

We had great conversation and we even named ourselves the Flip Flop Club (duh...we all had flip flops on). The we all tried to give each other our own little funny nicknames. It was just good, clean, silly fun. Jessica is such a great person and is so much fun to be around. We all have a lot to live up to when it comes our time to host the Flip Flop Supper Club. She even printed up fancy menus with all of the point value next to them. Lori is hosting next month...can't wait already!

Losing weight is kinda fun when you are doing it together with family and friends. Oh, Lori did take pictures but she hasn't forwarded them to me yet. Come on, Lori! We are gonna take a picture at every dinner party so we can see our monthly weight loss!

So, thanks Jessica for being such a great hostess. YOU ROCK! See ya tomorrow evening when we all weigh-in. Yay us!

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