Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You know the thing about blogging... that you really get to make some really good friends. I don't know about the rest of you, but I truly feel a connection with all of you out there in the blogosphere. Being a small town girl, I kinda feel like I have broadened my realm. I have gotten out in the world, so to speak. I never thought that I would have friends that I feel so close to that I have never even met. I look forward to reading your blogs everyday and when I don't get to do it daily, I feel like a piece of my day is missing. But unfortunately, life still goes on beyond the blog world.

With that said, right after I started blogging, geez eons ago, I had an awesome blog welcome from Blest With Sons. She used to live here several years ago, I didn't know her then but she was my son's choir teacher. We have several mutual friends and one of those friends forwarded my business site to her. I remembered seeing her in the hallways, but not sure we ever really met. She was so sweet and even ordered a purse from me, 2 actually. Come to find out 2 of her most favorite people in the world are my very own nephews, Dustin and Brandon (the twins). She is one of the funniest, straight forward people I know. Now I blog with her and several other woman at One Weigh Or Another. Come get encouraged by our journey to weight loss.

Then, I was so surprised a few months ago when GiBee from Kisses of Sunshine called me. She had ordered a purse that I special made for her and she was calling to thank me for it. She is just as sweet and real as she is on her blog. It was so cool to sit and just talk to her. GiBee, I hope you still love your purse.

Then just last week I got a phone call from Faith at Faithful Mommy. Now this is a funny story that goes to show how small this world really is. When Winston passed away 2 weeks ago we had to travel to Atlanta for the funeral. Well, Faith was reading the paper and saw that Winston was being buried in her hometown. She emailed me and told me. I truly thought that it was so cool that she made the connection. We did not get to meet, yet, but I am sure that we will in the near future because my MIL has moved right up there close to where she lives. Anyways, she called me last week and I.LOVED.TALKING.TO.HER! She was so encouraging to me. She is the true meaning of a Titus woman. I definitely feel like I have a true friend that I can call on anytime I need encouraging. Thanks Faith!

Then, Sunday I met Monica from Homespun Heart. I had been reading her blog for a long time when I recognized a link on it that made me think that maybe we lived in the same town. Well, it turns out we go to the same church. I have been trying to figure out who she is for a couple months now. But she has been busy going on bedrest and then having a beautiful baby girl. So, Sunday I saw a woman with a brand new baby and knew that it had to be her. We even sit on the same side of the church. So, we both introduced ourselves at the same time. Her children are just as beautiful as they are in the pictures. Monica, I hope that oneday soon we can maybe have lunch together or something.

Then, of course there is my real life sister, Lori at Making Memories of Us. And her friend from high school who was there when my first son was born, Laura at Our Life and Times. Then there is my brother's girlfriend Sandy at Heart Strings. Let's see who else? Well, my friend Jessica was trying to start a blog but hasn't gotten it off the ground yet. Come on Jess! And my friend Debi from church started one, brand new The Journey Continues, go welcome her, would ya!

So, this may be a big world but it is so cool to know that I have tons of new friends from all over that I can count on whenever I just need to spill my guts and beg for prayer or whatever. And I do count on that and am encouraged by that! Thanks guys!

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