Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where is my little manly man?

It's kinda funny. Since my hubby is not home, and won't be for another 16 months, and Ryan (15) stays with my mom and dad during the school year so he can go to a better high school across town, poor 'ole Jackson is stuck here with all the girls. I have read enough parenting books and attended enough parenting classes at church to know that he needs to be doing "manly" things. You know like fishing and playing ball and grunting and making f*rt noises and all those other guy things. I try to do fun things with him that don't involve baby dolls and barbies. Being around us girls all the time, I reckon he just takes after us.

When the girls are painting their nails, he will come back and sure enough they have painted his too. And he loves playing daddy when Jordan plays baby dolls. He is nurturing and loves to snuggle with me at bed time. He likes to watch all those silly Nick shows, like Lizzy, Raven, etc.

Of course, he would rather be doing the guy type things but I am a girl and God made us girls to be girls. So, it worries me that he isn't getting hardly any guy time lately. I hate to ask friends and family to do this with him because they have their lives too. I feel like I would be bugging them. But then again, I don't want my son to miss out on those things that he should be doing with his daddy.

I think that he needs a mentor/a buddy to hang out with on occasion. Maybe to take him fishing or throw around the baseball or to scratch their butts together, something. I don't want these crucial years to slip by and regret not doing something about it later when it may be too late. (OK, maybe not butt scratching but you know what I mean.) Jackson is definitely all boy, don't get me wrong. He loves to run around with his shirt off like his big brother and things like that but he really needs an adult to step in and do things with him.

Ok, now here is the problem, I am really not sure how to approach this. There have been several men at church who have offered to spend time with him, but they have never followed through with their offer. Yes, I have a dad and 2 brothers and 2 BILs but they all have their own kids or jobs or whatever. So, what should I do? Wait 16 months and hope for the best? I also want to make sure that I absolutely trust this person.

As I reread this I realize that I just need to ask around and find someone, I already know what the answer is. But I am not the kind of person that ever asks for help. I get really nervous whenever I have to ask anyoneto do anything for us. (I guess I need to get over this!)

I wrote this post wanting your advice but in the end answered my own question. Funny how that happens, huh? (Now, why won't blogger let me uypload any pictures? It haven't been able to do that for a while now, any ideas on that? Help!)

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