Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dinner, hide and go seek, and a Texaco bag

I feel so much better now, you have no idea. We ended up going to the water park on Saturday because there was a threat of rain on Friday (that never happened). But, we still had a lot of fun. While we were there my sister, Lori, called me and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner and said that Brett, her super cool husband, would watch the kids for us to go. "Of course, I wanna go, are you kidding me?"

So when we got back into town, I jumped in the shower and we got ready and headed over to Aunt Lori and Uncle Brett's house. So, me, Lori, Ivette (a super cool friend), and my other sister Amy all went to dinner at Applebees (they have the WW menu...soo good!). It was so nice to get out and converse with other adults.
Lori, Me and Amy

Afterwards we all rode over to Amy's new house that in under construction to check it the dark. It is so pretty, even in the dark. Then while Amy and Ivette walked up stairs to see if the walls were up up there, me and Lori hid in one of the closets and waited for them to come looking for us. It was such a silly moment. We were laughing so hard and we both had to pee so bad. It was about 9:15 or so, so it was dark. We could hear them looking for us and we could hardly keep our laughter in. Then we heard them coming around the corner and peep in the closet and we said really loud "BOO!" They just about jumped out of their pants! It was so funny! It was so corny, but yet so fun. It brought back lots and lots of childhood memories. I love you guys...thank you so much for doing this for me! *BIG SMILE*

Lori with the Texaco bag on her head...what a dork!

Ivette, our chauffeur...what a cheese (she was driving at the time, not recommended!)

They were teasing me for bringing my camera. How dare they! I so had to blog about this, I mean, come on don't all serious bloggers take their cameras EVERYWHERE? (I bet my sisters are gonna call me tomorrow to get a copy of that picture of the three of us!)

Don't forget tomorrow evening I will be posting my weight loss after my WW meeting. I pray that it will be a good one. I feel so much better now that I am eating right! Yippee!

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