Friday, July 14, 2006

Would you go with me...

I am already getting a little star struck. Do ya wanna know why? Tomorrow night I am going to see Josh Turner. Did you hear me...I said Josh Turner. The 'Long Black Train' guy and the 'Would you go with me' guy. (Listen to that voice!) He is singing at our small town festival..the Water Festival. He is from Florence, SC, so he is almost a hometown boy. I just think that he is the coolest country artist out there. He is very bold about his faith, not one bit ashamed. And his voice, so deep and strong! And he isn't too hard to look at either. I can't wait! I already have my kids farmed out to my Aunt Penny and my Mom (even with her broke foot, but I really couldn't miss this one!). Have I ever told ya'll that I have got the best Mom ever? I mean ever!

Tomorrow night is also my 15yo son's kinda first real date. He is a big Josh Turner fan. He even sang Long Black Train at my parent's church. Anyways, his girlfriend and her parents are going to meet us there. This is a really big deal ya know? The concert is in a park so there is plenty of room to just walk around and hang out with friends. I promised him I would not be a stalker mom, but I'm not sure I can keep that promise. I will be cool and nonchalant about it. *Ahem*

Since I don't get out much, I am excited. Every year at the Water Festival is when you see all your long lost friends (or not). Since I have lived in this town ALL of my life, it is kinda cool to see everybody!

So are there any other Josh Turner fans out there? Isn't he just the cutest thing?

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