Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My 100 things!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSo, in keeping with tradition since this is my 100th post, here are my 100 things, are ya ready?
  1. My first name is not Angie, but a name that I share with my grandma.
  2. She cried when they told her about me, her name sake.
  3. Her grandma name is "Mot-Mot"....don't ask...I dont know!
  4. My grandfather is "Skeebo"....don't ask (and not Skeebo from Jo-Jo's Circus).
  5. Everyone has always called me Angie, since birth.
  6. Short for Angela, duh!
  7. My parents were originally going to name me Angel.
  8. Not sure why they changed their minds.
  9. I was a breach baby...ugh...sorry Mom (maybe that was why!).
  10. I am the oldest.
  11. There are 5 of us (but you knew that).
  12. I love all of them.
  13. But not always, you know typical sibling rivalry when we were younger.
  14. They ALL used to aggravate me...ALOT!
  15. My parents divorced when I was about 10 or 11.
  16. They remarried 20 years later.
  17. Is that amazing or what?
  18. I used to drive a Chevy Custom Van in high school.
  19. Complete with mural on the side and a sink and a frig and a pull-out bed in the back.
  20. Kids used to skip school in my van parked in the high school parking lot.
  21. I know this because they would leave the bed pulled out and soda cans and candy wrappers for me to clean up.
  22. I never skipped school...til I was a senior.
  23. And that was because I had a free period.
  24. I just left...alot.
  25. I took my driving test in the van...I passed...paralell parked and all. (Yay me!)
  26. I went to college for one year.
  27. Then I started having my babies...that was almost 16 years ago...ugh!
  28. I used to work in an educational toy store named Boombears.
  29. Alot of my paycheck went right back to the store.
  30. My son (the almost 16yo) made his first paycheck at 1 as a child model for the educational catalog Environments...he got paid to play!
  31. He is still in it.
  32. Then I worked at BB&T bank.
  33. I worked up to head teller fast.
  34. Then I went to work as a title researcher.
  35. After I had my youngest (now 6) I called my boss and told him I would not be coming back.
  36. He was kinda mad.
  37. He got over it.
  38. I know this because he hired me back in Dec '05 to work from home part-time.
  39. I work my purse business during the day.
  40. I do title researching at night for a couple hours.
  41. I also decorate cakes.
  42. I enjoy sewing more than cake decorating.
  43. I taught myself to sew about 3 years ago.
  44. The rest is history.
  45. Purses are my passion.
  46. So is blogging now.
  47. Ok, Ok I admitted it...out loud!
  48. I used to be very obsessive complulsive about my house cleaning.
  49. I still like a clean house, I just don't dwell on it as much! Yay me!
  50. I have live in the same town my entire life.
  51. I never want to leave...Ever!
  52. It used to be a small town.
  53. It grew---big!
  54. I am a true Carolina Girl.
  55. I love that song....Carolina Girl.
  56. I love to shag too.
  57. Not really sure I do it the right way but I try.
  58. Don't really care either...still love it!
  59. Oneday I want to take shagging lessons.
  60. I played on a woman's softball team about 9 years ago.
  61. I was the catcher.
  62. My husband really didn't want me to play.
  63. He told me I would break my leg.
  64. I broke my leg (femur)...bad!
  65. I hate to hear "I told you so's".
  66. I didn't want anyone to call him off the golf course that day from the hospital.
  67. They did...I heard "I told you so" for months on end...still do on occasion.
  68. I had a halo around my knee with pins and screws in my shin to stabilize it.
  69. I still have a screw in there somewhere hopefully holding it all together.
  70. It was a very depressing time in my life.
  71. I couldn't even take care of my 2 children (at the time) for 3 months.
  72. Glad that's over...whew!
  73. We love boxers.
  74. We have 2...Harley and Cooper.
  75. Harley is Cooper's mamma.
  76. My brother has 3 (one is Harley's momma), my 2 sisters each have 1.
  77. We also have a cat, Allie.
  78. And a guinea pig, Oreo (cuz he looks like one).
  79. No more animals in this here house...geez!
  80. I hate doing laundry...HATE IT!
  81. I do it anyways...I have to.
  82. I don't like to make phone calls.
  83. It makes my stomach hurt...bad!
  84. I am the new PTO vice-pres.
  85. Hope I don't have to make any calls.
  86. Ugh!
  87. I love the beach!
  88. We live on the coast.
  89. We also vacation on the coast....Florida coast.
  90. I love Diet Pepsi...now I limit myself to 1 a day!
  91. I love fruit, especially strawberries and white grapes.
  92. I hate veggies...I wish I liked them more.
  93. I have hazel eyes.
  94. I am 5' 11".
  95. I have naturally curly hair...I have to straighten it or it is frizzy.
  96. I love flip-flops.
  97. They used to bother my toes...not anymore.
  98. I have at least 15 pair or more....I wear them all year round...gotta love the south.
  99. I have a foot thing... I hate people to touch the bottom of my feet...my throat is closing up now just thinking about it.
  100. I thought this would be tough, but it really wasn't!

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Yankeegirl said...

Hi, You said you used to work at Boombears? When i was young my father was stationed at Parris Island and that was always my favorite store to go to! i got all of my GUND classic Pooh stuffed animals and Breyer horses there. I have always admired old toys, ever since I can remember. I have not been to south Carolina in years, but I recently found out that it has been closed. I was planning on taking a little trip to get some toys for my 2 year old son from there. Do you know when Boombears closed, and why?