Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bathroom timeout works

Thanks so much for all of your encouraging words. They helped alot! I felt all of your cyber hugs today. I also got a very touching email from my Mom, thanks Mom, your words always make me feel better. I love you! And my daddy called and he said if I keep Jesus inside that I will get through this just fine. I have the best parents EVER!

Anyways, last night when the kids were fighting I remembered a comment I got from noaveragegirl last month. It was in response to another post about the kids fighting. She said that when her and her sister, who are 2 years apart, would fight when they were younger, that her parents would make them go to the bathroom and they couldn't come out until they worked it out.

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So, I tried it and went a step further and told them that they had to pray together before they came out. The first bathroom victim was the girls and it lasted a really long time, but they came out smiling and played nice the rest of the day. Jackson was a sleep during this, so when he got up and got into a fight with his sister, off to the bathroom he went. That one lasted forever, he is quite stubborn! He screamed to me from the door for about 15 minutes. Jordan kept trying to talk to him but he wouldn't hear of it. Until finally, it clicked. He went to his sister and they talked it out and prayed and came out smiling.

So, by George I think I have got it. Today Jackson went to the bathroom timeout several times with one of his sisters. They would start fighting and he would come to me and I would explain to them that they needed to work it out on their own without me getting involved. By the end of the afternoon, they would argue and just go straight to the bathroom without even coming to me. Isn't that funny? I did have to put a 5 minute timer up so that they would really work it out, but still it worked. So thank you noaveragegirl! This is the best discipline tip I have ever gotten. I have had a much better day today because of this! There is already peace in this once very chaotic household!

So tomorrow, since the kids are going back to school next Wednesday we are going to ride over to Charleston and go to Splash Zone Water Park. It is a smaller water park and the prices are reasonable. I haven't told the kids yet. Won't they be surprised? So, now I am off to my studio to finish some aprons and purses for a show next weekend. Yay!

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