Sunday, July 16, 2006

Concert in the Park

The concert in the park was sooo good! Josh Turner put on an awesome show. He is definitely a great country artist. His voice is so low and deep it will make you get chills. (Ok maybe that was just me but...). You can go here and then click on the link to see a whole video clip of when he took the stage and his whole opening song...Would You Go With Me. It was a really great time, even though it was sooo hot and humid and sticky, it was well worth it. We were even right on the seawall thinking that we would at least get a breeze off of the river, but since it was low tide, no such luck. He only sang for about and hour and 15 minutes, I wish he would have sang longer but oh well! It was still a great concert! So go check out the video clip, especially if you don't know who he is...especially if you are a country music fan like me!
Picture below courtesy of The Beaufort Gazette
(FYI...that is his wife on the keyboard and she is expecting their first child.)
"When I go down in the lower register, that's just kind of my thing and my style," he explains. "The phrase that really describes my kind of music is South Carolina Low Country, which is actually a region in South Carolina, around Charleston and Hilton Head and Beaufort. I kind of took that phrase, South Carolina Low Country, to describe my music." -Josh Turner
Edit: Oops, I forgot to update about the first (kinda real) date for Ryan: Remember I said that I told him that I would not be a stalker Mom? Well, I was not a stalker Mom. In fact, he came and hung out with us several different times. He pretty much stayed within eye distance to me. That's my boy! He says that he had a good time. He also spent $45 on a T-shirt and a CD for his girlfrined. sweet! (I thought that was a bit much but I guess it is his money, right?) Then tonight I let him go to Teen Night at the waterfront park. There was a DJ there. Says he had a goodtime tonight too! Enough already!

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