Monday, July 17, 2006


Just got back from my Weight Watcher's meeting. I am very pleased with my loss. I lost 2.2 pounds, that is a total of 6.8. Tonight I got a silly 'ole bookmark for my first 5 pounds lost. It is funny how that bookmark made me feel really good. Symbolic, I guess, who knew!

Tonight we talked about our "problems" and how they affect us, mainly by eating. Then we talked about some of the ways we could do things differently. And how not to get frustrated if we lose very little, if any for a week or 2. We need to look at the overall picture and the total amount of loss. And to remember this is a very easy way of life eating plan that does not limit us as to what we can eat. If we want a slice of pizza, go ahead and have it. Quite simple, just count the points. I just ate a bowl of spaghetti, it was mmm, mmm good. I have been saving for it all day! Although it was not that bad, point wise.

So, if you are counting points or just learning to eat right, I hope you have a great week at it! Good luck to ya!

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