Monday, July 10, 2006


I had my weigh-in tonight at Weight Watchers. I lost 4.6 pounds in 2 weeks. Yay! I was very pleased with that! I have really been watching what I eat, controlling my portions , but yet I am still able to have whatever I want just as long as I count the points for it. Sacrifices. That's what it' all about ladies (and 1 or 2 men, who knows)!

Tonight we talked about revamping our kitchens. Getting rid of the things that may hinder us. Such as the cookie jar on the counter or the candy dish or even the bacon grease can next to the stove. Cleaning out the cabinets. Bringing out the appliances that would help us and putting away the ones that won't. (I brought out my George Foreman Grill tonight.) Replace the cookie jar with a fruit basket or the Little Debbie snack basket with WW 1 point snack cakes (these are really good). So, indeed I got a lot of very good tips. My own personal tip that has helped me is that I designated a cabinet to my things. That way when I get a munchy, I can go to my cabinet that is stocked with WW friendly snacks or whatever, and not go to the pantry that is stocked full of the kids snacks and what not. It is a lot less tempting for me! Just a thought!

I also came across an awesome blog a few days ago. The Amazing Shrinking Mom. She truly has some very inspiring posts. So, if you just need some motivation then go visit her! I am so excited that I have come across several other women who are doing this too. It helps to be accountable! You know how women just love to do things together, like going to the bathroom or shopping, it's the same thing. Are ya with me?

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