Friday, June 30, 2006

I did it, I actually did it!

I did it, I broke down and did it. I did it on Monday evening. My sister asked me to. The sister who needs to lose the weight in her big toe only. I know Lori, "you don't see me naked in the mirror every morning".....thank goodness for that! Anyhoo....

I joined Weight Watchers. I am gonna do it! Well, actually I am doing it, right now, since Tuesday really. I am excited about it. I already feel better physically, more energy, not nearly as tired as I was. And I am not just saying that! I have found several good food finds, but if any of you out there have any great and awesome ideas for low point meals or snacks (cuz,I love snacks), please let me know your secrets. I am thinking about maybe posting my weight loss (ok, just so we are clear, I said my 'loss', not my weight!), not that any of you really care, but it will be another accountability route for me. Just 'thinking' that you guys are helping me keep track I think will help. So bare with me, please!

Don't forget, let me know if you are doing Weight Watchers or if you know of any good food finds.

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