Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kid Fiesta

I posted about the seedlings on Sunday and how proud I was of my daughter for being so bold with her faith, and I promised pictures of the Fiesta. I must say the kids had a really great time.
These are my 1, 2, 3 going down the really big water slide. A great way to cool off in this awful heat...I did actually think about going down it, but I didn' kids would have died, plus I am not sure I could have pulled myself up to the top. A couple of years ago, me and my friend Gena went down another one....I think everyone witnessed that one. Ugh!

This is my nephew, Brandon in the dunking booth. Going, going, gone! The water was so cold that his lips were blue and his teeth were chattering. He was sucha good sport though. He has a twin brother, Dustin, and they are going on a mission trip next month to the Ukraine. They are such great boys! They are 16 years old and are both supervisors at Chik-fil-a....if only!

This was a pretty cool little thingy, (I am not really sure what you would call it). I told the kids to make sure they went down this one before going home so they wouldn't have to take a bath. (Just kidding, we had church the next morning so they had to take a bath at home!) They loved it, they don't know it, but we are going to another party with this same thingy on the 4th. (I may do it then!)

Dontcha just love the way Jess throws the basketball, no wonder she missed. Then she is trying to knock down Mr. Matt, our Pastor of Music, in the dunking booth. I said trying because she missed...about 15 times. (And she is a pitcher in softball...ha!) Then Jordan is standing with her friend Kayla as we are waiting on Jackson to finish something so we can go home.

The first one is our Senior Pastor sharing the gospel. They shut down all the fun stuff and food boothes few different times so that they could do this. Since we have a lot of visitoring people who come for the fun (free) stuff, it is a perfect time to do so. Several children were counseled on this day as well! Then, that is my nephew, Dustin (Brandon's twin) with Jess. Jess was trying to get him to try some kind of Mexican fruit, he didn't like it! (Can you tell by the look on his face?) Then the next one is for Blest, this is the back of the new building. I know it is hard to see because it is through the trees. Do you notice something missing? 12 Oaks was moved to the back of the campus...ugh! The whole building moved.
So this is it! I have other pics but I really don't want to bore you with them all! We had a great day! And we won a few more lost souls to the Lord at the same time! What could be better than that?

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