Sunday, June 18, 2006


First, we went to the Artic Edge this week at VBS.
Then, Saturday we went to the chicken fights.
(my child is the one getting her head clawed and the one holding the head clawer)

Then, we went to the beach.
(those are my 2 cuties' backs)
And I would like you to meet "Joe Cool", he was there too!
And then, we went to the drive-in movie tonight to see CARS.
(patiently, waiting for the movie to start...)
(and here we go!)
Cars was a really cute movie, I would highly recommend it. It got, let's see, 12 thumbs up from all of us! I also loved going to the drive-in. So cool! We went to the grocery store before the movie and bought all kinds of junk food and sodas and camped out. Jackson conked out about a fourth of the way through it in my lap, he missed the whole thing. I guess he had a busy day today, well, all week. And we have to get up early to go see our daddy for Father's Day. We can't wait till he gets home, glad he is only 25 minutes from our house though. That makes it alot easier!
So, what did you do this weekend?

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