Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Well, today is not only the first day of summer, but it is also my baby's birthday! Jackson is my little monkey! He is 6 years old today and going into the first grade. He loves school so much that he was very sad when it was over for the summer break. Luckily, he is in year round school and will be starting back next month. Anyways, in honor of my little monkey's birthday I am gonna tell you a little about him.

He was born on the same date as his Uncle Larry, my husband's brother. He and Uncle Larry always call each other on their birthdays. It's kinda like a competition now as to who calls first!

He is very bright and extremely handsome. He is quite athletic like his daddy. And he can run really fast (especially when he has his new Nike shoes on)! He taught himself to ride his bike without the training wheels. He loves to sing and he is a very picky eater, very! He loves to say the blessing at the table and he loves to hear Bible stories, especially the manly, man stories!

He loves to lounge around the house with his shirt off like his big brother does. He still takes a nap just about everyday, even though I don't require it anymore. Everyday when he gets home from school he crawls up on the couch and falls asleep for about an hour and then pops up and goes about the rest of the evening and still goes to bed on time! (I love him for that!)
He stands up for his sister on the bus. When a big ole 5th grade boy was picking on his 4th grade sister, he decided to give him the number 1 sign, if ya know what I mean. He has no idea what it means but he knew it was bad. (I honestly do not know where he got that from, really I don't, I would never!) He got suspended from the bus for doing that. So did the 5th grade for hitting his sister. He did not get in trouble by me for defending his sister, he got in trouble for the finger thing! (Still don't know where he got it from!)

He told me a few months ago that he wanted to marry me when he got older. (cue the awww's) He is a clean freak. He keeps his room cleaner than his sister's rooms. He loves to help me clean house. I'm sure that that won't last long! He loves to read the Napping House at night before bed. And he still sleeps with his "baby" ( a froggie blanket buddie), it is pretty frazzled on the ends now. I think he is trying to wean himself from it, but I keep putting it in bed with him. (He is my baby!)

And I will leave you with a funny story. When he was about 1 and a half we started going to our current church. There is a duck pond in front of it and he loved to go see the ducks before and after church. One evening while watching the ducks, I asked him what the duck says and he responded with "Aflac". (Ok, it was then that I realized he had been watching too much TV.)

So, Happy Birthday to my baby boy! Mommy loves you all the way to the moon and back!

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