Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fun in the Sun

Busy, busy, busy is all I can say about yesterday! Just take a look...

We started out with a trip to the beach...lots of fun, but right after I took this picture of my baby the batteries in my camera died! The kids swam all day long. I went in the water for a minute but it was too cold for my blood! We went with a couple of my friends and their children. We had a great time. During summer break we like to go at least once, sometimes twice a week. After this long day at the beach we ran home took quick showers and off to.....

....Jordan's piano recital.

She is the only student. It was so much fun. She did such a great job, I was so proud of her. She played three selections. She was very secretive about her selections and never let me hear her practice those particular ones. 2 of them she played with her teacher and the last one was a solo. She was very proper, I loved it!

Look at all my sun-kissed babies! I told you they were a good looking bunch! So, afterwards we enjoyed dinner out! We really had a great, long day. And I will leave you with a couple of awesome pictures taken by my oldest son at sunset. This is a typical lowcountry sunset! I can say that this is truly one of God's greatest creations! It amazes me everytime I witness it!

"God made this!"

How beautiful is that? Does it amaze you as much as it does me?

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