Sunday, May 07, 2006

Check this out!

Remember this?
About a week and a half ago or so I did a post called "Talk about devotion!" and I shared it with a friend of mine, Ms. Debi, who is also one of the kids Good News Club teachers. She emailed me last night and said that she shared it with the Orangeburg Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship. She wanted to let me know that they put my sweet Jordan of their state website, along with my post. How cool is that? So go check it out! It is right on the home page. I just showed Jordan to make sure that it was OK with her that it was on there and she is just beaming! She thinks that it is pretty cool too! I explained to her that she is helping to spread the good news about the Good News Club After-School Programs and the Wonderbooks Devotional.

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eph2810 said...

That is just awesome :) Thank you so much for sharing it :)