Monday, May 08, 2006

Austin and Petie

Have you ever...?
Austin lovin' his dog, Petie...this is my youngest nephew. He is about 19 months and is just about the cutest little buger. Of course, I am quite partial to him. He is at the sweetest age where he will just mimmick anything and everything you say. We are always trying to get him to say whatever we can come up with. And he says "no" to everything, so we ask him all kinds of silly questions. "Austin, do you want a million dollars?" NO! "Austin, do you love Mommy more than your favorite Aunt Angie?" NO!
So far, he is #10 of the grandchildren in our family. (I mentioned that I was the oldest of 5, didn't I?) (And did I mention that I have ALL nephews?) Come on guys, I need me a little niece to spoil too! Who's turn is it anyways? Lori? I do believe it is yours! No more dogs, have a baby!
Amy, thanks for sharing your sweet baby with all of us! (Am I a proud Aunt or what?)


Sandy T. said...

Austin is a cute little fella! As are all of the grandchildren! I love kids! Yeah, I agree.... Someone should have another baby! Babies are soooo precious... and then they grow up! Gotta love 'em anyways!

Chaotic Mom said...

Okay. I've had three boys, and there are no more to be in our family. I would have LOVED trying for a little gal of my own, but have instead adopted two female cats and a female dog. Sigh...

Sorry, your post just made me chuckle a little when you stated to "Lori", "No more dogs, have a baby!"

You sound like a COOL, PROUD Auntie, with very lucky nephews! ;)

Lori said...

That is the sweetest picture I have ever seen! And, by the way, we may be getting another dog in August!!

flipflop said...

HA!! We have all girls. Let's trade sometime!