Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Gena!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Gena, Happy Birthday to you!
Gena and me on a hayride at our Fall Festival!
My friend Gena...well let me tell you a little about her... She and I met when we were teenagers and we were both Pirettes at our local Water Festival. Pirettes are the ambassadors of the Water Festival who travel around the state to promote the festival doing parades and such. It was a fun time. We remained friends afterwards, not real close, but I guess, acquaintances. Then, later in our lives I started dating her brother in law and then became her sister in law several years later. She has the most awesome kids! She has twin boys who are 16 now and she has done such a great job raising them despite her circumstances. They are incredible teeenagers! I envision one or possibly both of them going into ministry when they get older. They are already summer missionaries in the Ukraine spreading the gospel to those who have never heard it. I am proud to be their Aunt! She also has the sweetest 6 year old little boy who is great friends with my Jackson. Her husband is pretty great too...(good going Gena)!
Although she is not my sister in law anymore, she is and always will be a great friend. She was one of the first ones I called when my husband got into trouble and she was right here by my side within a matter of minutes. We may not talk every single day, sometimes we go weeks without talking, but when one of us needs the other, we are there for one another....ALWAYS! I love you Gena, thanks for being a great friend!

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blestwithsons said...

Hey! I know her!! Yup - Happy Birthday to the mom of the two coolest twins I know! My favorite Boogie Boys! Have a great day Gena!

Gena said...

Thanks guys I needed a pick me up today!!Pray for my husband he's on the couch with a herniated disc,it really hurts me seeing him hurt.I started an account I think, Hee Hee , the twins weren't here to even help me.Its ,I guess you'll figure it out I'm just a newbie. Be blessed, Gena

GiBee said...

What a nice tribute to your friend!!! Happy Birthday Gena!

Faith said...

Happy B'day to Gena!!

Gena said...

Thank you guys... Love you Angie...your the best... I have known Angie for a long time and she is such an inspiration to me, shes there for me anytime I need her and knows how to cheer me up no matter what the situation.I had to give her a call just the other day and she listened to me ,I mean she really listens and cares about what has you down.I need her in my life thats for sure and hope that I can help lift her up when she needs me.Shes one of those friends that don't come around very often and I'm gonna keep her! (grin) My husband is much better today.Thanks for the prayers.