Friday, May 19, 2006

Attention all Moms (and Dads)

Ok Moms, we were given a challenge by Everyday Mommy. Are you willing to join me in taking her up on it?

“A woman is, but a man must become. Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from a woman, and it is confirmed only by other men.” –Camille Paglia

I am a member of an awesome Bible believing, Bible teaching church. We have great teachers and I have learned so much about raising my children to look to the Lord for everything in their lives. I had the opportunity to be apart of a Sunday school class devoted solely to Practical Parenting.

Boys….”Raising boys offers a unique challenge to parents.”

Isn’t that the truth? I have 2 brothers and 2 sons so I know the kinds of things that boys do without any regard to their own safety. I can do all that is in my power to keep them protected. But boys will be boys. They will climb trees and perch themselves at the tippy top. They will throw rocks and accidentally break windows. They will bring home a stray dog and beg to please keep it. They will find that hidden book of matches or lighter and try to master the art of a controlled fire. They will make THAT noise with their hand and armpit. And being a sister of 2 brothers and a mother of 2 boys who have 2 sisters, they will do anything and everything to aggravate and torment their sisters. That is just the way boys are made. They make up the rules as they go.

But, I also have learned several things about my boys. They are not all snips and snails and puppy dog tails. They are sweet and caring and protective and passionate human beings. They are children of God. And it is my job to do everything possible to teach them to be Godly men. And it is my job to show my daughters what a Godly man is, so that they will make smart choices in the future when I am not around.

Here is my charge to you!

Boys need their Dads. And I realize more than anyone that sometimes Dads are not around, as my own husband is absent from our home at the moment. Single Moms need to find a Godly man to spend time with her son, to take him to sporting events, to go fishing or hunting, to just do guy stuff. A Mom cannot teach her son to be a man, only a man can do that. A father (or father-figure) will bring his son into manhood.

Boys need words of affirmation from both Mom and Dad. Mom- “You are just like your Dad.” “My, aren’t you handsome.” Dad- “Great job today…let’s go to the hardware store!” (said with a big grunty voice! ) We should never just say nothing at all, and always tell them that you love them!

Boys need physical affirmation from Mom and Dad, but especially from Dad. Dads need to have physical contact with his son. Hug him, wrestle with him, roughhouse, whatever it may be. The touch is very important. Dad also needs to identify with his son, take him for a walk and just talk a bit.

Boys need sports. Competitive sports will teach boys to play as a team and to lose as a team. Teach him to play fair and honorable, but play to win. It does not matter if he is athletic or not, show your son how to catch a ball.

Boys need Dad to protect them from pornography and sexual predators. (Proverbs 7:6-23 and King Solomon was also tempted in 1 Kings 11:1-2.) Dads need to teach their sons Job 31:1 "I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl.” Teach it to them and obey it yourselves. Don’t let your son catch your roving eyes, what kind of example is that?

Teach your sons from God’s word. There are so many cool stories in the Bible that are all boy. Read them these stories! Teach them Joshua 1:6-9. Show them by example, let them see you reading God’s word and memorizing it and doing it.

Teach your sons to pray. Dads should lead their families in prayer. Pray for peace of mind, resisting temptations, and pray for a purpose in life. Teach your sons to tithe. Teach your son Christian principles. (Galatians principles)

Will your son be a difference maker? Will your son protect? Real men will protect the innocent you know. Christ is the key to all of it. If we obey what we know then our children will follow suit. Kids want to be like their parents and they start mimicking us at a very early age. Give them good examples to mimic. Respect your wife, honor your husband…it all starts here.

"I am about to go the way of all the earth," he said. "So be strong, show yourself a man, and observe what the LORD your God requires: Walk in his ways and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and requirements, as written in the Law of Moses, so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go.” 1 Kings 2:2-3. This is King David’s charge to his son Solomon as he was about to die. Now go back and read it again, teach your sons this! Know it yourself!

We are all sinners, raising little sinners. Being a parent is not easy, but look to our handbook, the Bible, it is all laid out there for us to use. Use it!


Laura said...

Angie, I read this blog immediately after I wrote my last blog, I feel like it was speaking to me. Maybe my son is just missing his dad, missing wrestling with him on the trampoline, missing watching "guy" stuff on TV with his dad, missing flying remote control airplanes with his dad. Maybe he is just sick of having so much time with me. Sometimes kids can just be so cruel.

Everyday Mommy said...

Wow, wow, wow!! Incredible post Ang. I'm going to put it on the Like Joshua blog right now.

aggiejenn said...

Great thoughts, Angie. Thanks for visiting my blog and offering your thoughts in our discussion. Blessings to you today!