Sunday, May 28, 2006

I got an award!

I am honored and thrilled to get my first ever award. I never win anything...EVER! Yet, I am also very humbled by the title of this award. Eph2810 over at Sting My Heart has awarded me the first ever ENCOURAGER OF THE MONTH AWARD. I know that I gave my thanks over at her place, but I need to give the love over here too. So at the risk of repeating myself ...

Thank you.... thank you...please sit down....thank you , oh thank you!
(blushing) Please hold the applause! Thank you!
First of all, I would like to thank our heavenly Father! Without Him I would not be who I am today, saved by grace! (hands up to the sky)
Secondly, my loving, caring (incarcerated, now saved) husband, without him and the things that he put me through I would NOT have this story to tell! I love you baby! (blow kiss). And my kids, I love you guys so much! Thanks for letting me be your Mom and throwing new trials at me everyday (shaking finger). Then, my family (both real and spiritual), you guys are the best and my blogging buddies, oh, without you (mascara dripped tears falling down face) who would read this anyways! I love (voice cracks) you all! (more kisses blown)
And you Iris, you, well, I am not sure I can express my
gratitude for this awesome award! I am at a loss for words, except thank
you! Thank you so much! (((BIG HUG)))

Now check it out in my sidebar! Pretty cool huh?

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