Thursday, May 04, 2006

I got tagged?

Alright, I guess since I am new to the blogosphere, I wasn't sure what it meant to be tagged. Until eph2810 informed me this morning that she tagged me, (I wondered what that was all about!?). So now I get it and here is my 22 Meme!

I AM: very tired.
I WANT: a housekeeper.
I WISH: I had 4 arms, I think I could get so much more done.
I HATE: doing laundry!!!!
I MISS: my hubby!
I FEAR: the Lord!
I HEAR: my embroidery machine stitching away (I am multi tasking as we speak!).
I WONDER: what the future holds for my family.
I REGRET: nothing, well maybe just a couple of things!
I AM NOT: scared to die.
I DANCE: with my kids to silly music.
I SING: REALLY loud when I am in my van, alone.
I CRY: often...
I AM NOT ALWAYS: organized!
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: just about anything and everything I can come up with.
I WRITE: about my life and such!
I CONFUSE: myself with so many passwords.
I NEED: more time in the day, then I might be able to get a decent night's rest.
I SHOULD: do my laundry, but...
I START: to do it, and then...
I FINISH: it never!
I TAG: Lori , Sandy , and Blest

You know, you really learn alot about yourself through doing these things. They are kinda cool!


GiBee said...

Yay! I loved reading your meme!!!

Faith said...

Great meme!

eph2810 said...

Hey girl - thanks for playing along. I like to do them too. I didn't know that you didn't know what tagging is - sorry. Thank you so much for sharing a little more about you.:)

blestwithsons said...

Aha! I've been tagged! I'll do it soon...