Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Talk about "devotion"!

I just had to share this really quick! I went in to check on the kids before I went to bed. I tucked them in around 8:30 or so. Jackson (5) went right to sleep. Jessica (10) got caught playing her hand-held Tetris game...shame-shame! And Jordan (7) was reading her Bible and doing her daily devotion. I told her to finish it up and go to sleep. She said OK, then I went in my studio to finish up a purse, I could see her as I have a clear shot of her bed from my sewing machine. Then I went to the computer and got totally invloved in the "blog world". So, check out what I just captured with my camera.
Have you ever seen such a sight?
My sweet, sweet Jordie got caught with her Bible open! She got her "60-day Wonder Devotional" Friday at the Good News Club After School program and she has been doing it everyday, she even went ahead and is on day 8 now. Ms. Debi and Ms. Melissa would be so proud, I will have to send this to them. Mommy is very proud of you too, Jordan!


Miss Debi said...

Angie, this is so precious. I am so glad that we are making a difference at least in the lives of your children. I am praying that the other children will be influenced for the positive and that someone in their lives will encourage them to read their Bibles and Wonder Books, too.

I personally am so proud of you for taking a "lemon" situation that was handed you in life and making "lemonade" out of it. YOu are very special to me and so are your sweet children.

Love, Debi

Lori said...

My sweet Jordie Pie! That has got to be the sweetest picture I have ever seen. What a blessing!

Everyday Mommy said...

Just found your blog, hopping over from a post to a post to a post. I'm putting you on my blogroll. And, may I say, that is one of the most adorable photos I've ever seen.