Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Got Peace?

Have you ever wondered how to really get your children's attention? You know the times when you want their attention and they just won't pay you any mind? Well, I've got it!

Take a bath, lock the door and light some candles and use that expensive bath oil you have been saving for when you might have time to actually take a bath...alone!
Or there is the one where you just need to go in your room and shut the door and crawl in the bed for a few minutes of peace.
Or pull out a good book that you have been meaning to read and never get the chance to.
Or sit at the dining room table to do your daily Bible study.
Or sit down at your sewing machine to make some purses that have been ordered (because that is what you do for a living).
Or try to make a phone call, quietly.
And then this has got to be the best one yet, just sit down and look comfortable. I'm sure that this is the quickest way to get their attention!

Can you guess? We have been on a 2 week Spring Break and this Mommy is pooped out. Birthday parties, spring cleaning, working, cooking, baking, Tball and softball games, laundry, playing outside (in the gnats...ugh!), yard work, Easter egg dyeing, and this isn't the half of it! I really do not know how you "work outside of the home Moms" do it. I look at everything that I do all day long and can never get completely done, (it always rolls over into the next day) and to think that I would still have to do all of these things after work if I worked outside of my home. When would I have the time? When do you have the time? I am so thankful and feel very blessed that I get to be a stay at home mom but I am worn slap out! I think that the first thing I am gonna do on Tuesday when the kids go back to school is take that uninterrupted bath and then go back to work. Luckily, it is just in the next room and I can work in my jammies if I wish!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy...Job 8:21

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