Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jordie and Me

I have been inspired by another dear blogger,
That brought to my attention that my kid's a poetry hogger.
As she sits with me now, my Jordie Pie Poo,
I listen to her giggle and then she says cachoo.

I've listened to her poems as she's read them to me,
And now she waits for Mommy's, patiently.
I don't know how to do it,
She tells me to just stick to it.

Mommy's not a poet, like we all know it,
But I can bake a cake down by the lake.
And I can make a bag out of a rag.
And I can make her a snack to eat out back.

But my Jordie is so smart,
Lots smarter than me.

She has a sweet sweet heart,
Alot like the honey bees.

My Jordie is so happy,
Cause the others are all gone.
Her brothers are not here.
And her sister is in the pond.

So here we sit together,
Like we never get to do.
Cause soon they will come back,
And bug us like they do.

Written by Jordan and her Mommy
April is National Poetry Month

Read this selection made by Jordan herself,
She loves Jack Prelutsky's Bleezer's Ice Cream.

She says that her favorite flavor has to be

"Hat tip to Blest With Sons"...Thanks!


Lori said...

I love my Jordie Pie and her poetry!!

shelia said...

Great job on teaching Mommy poetry Jordie! You'll be a great teacher one day! Angie, thanks for being my hands at the game last night! LOL God bless you everyday for being such a strong Christian momma!

~Shelia(momma of the other softball player)

blestwithsons said...

Alright now! Where's my hat tip?? Of course, it may now have been me...

What's a hat tip? Oh - that's where if you get an idea or inspiration or whatever from another blogger, you put a little note in your post that says "Hat tip to _______" and link to that blogger. Or you could just put the link on the word "blogger" in the first line of your poem. That way people could click on that word if they so choose and see where you got your idea. (grin)

All of that said - This post is adorable and so is Jordie!!

Anonymous said...

I have something to tell you...it sounds really bad...I think you better leave the poetry to Jordie and you stick to the bags.....MOMO