Monday, March 27, 2006

Motto Monday...Expectations

"You can't succeed beyond your wildest expectations unless you begin with some wild expectations."
When I read this quote by I don't know who about a year and a half ago, I thought...whoa, that's it!! I printed it and posted it on the wall above my sewing machine where I would see it everyday! I had been making the bags for the fun of it, for me, for my family, for gifts, and everyone wanted one. At one point I could not keep up with the orders. I was a SAHM who also babysat for others to pay the bills, baked cakes to pay the bills, ironed clothes to pay the bills, bred my dog to pay the bills, oh and I could go on and on. You name it, I did it! I was always doing something just to make ends meet. I was growing very weary, just plum tired. But when I started making the bags, I could see God's hands all over it. I mean all over it! My Mom had told me that she had prayed that oneday I could quit doing all the other things I was doing and only make the bags. She had faith. She had the wild expectations for me before I even knew it. Before we knew it I gave notice to "my mommies" that I would not be able to sit for them any longer. Although it was very hard to do because they were my "kids" too, I could feel that it was the right thing to do. I jumped in with both feet and complete faith! All of a sudden I actually had time to myself where I could start succeeding beyond my "wildest expectations". And I still have faith that the Lord is gonna take care of me and my kids, because He does it everyday! The days that I start to doubt He "jacks" me up and shakes me a little, and then the orders start pouring in or whatever. I know that I am following by faith, I can tell you that it is not easy but I will persevere. I will show everyone what it means to have faith. I have already exceeded my wildest expectations and to imagine that there is so much more out there is so exciting to me. Thanks Mom! (Again!)

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