Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crazy Saturday!

Crazy Saturday...Ever had one of those? Aren't Saturdays made for vegging out? Watching the old cartoons with the kids in the morning, you know Bugs Bunny and Road Runner? Making a quick breakfast where we all sit and eat together? Assigning jobs to get the housework done in under an hour so we will have the rest of the day to play? No siree Joe, not here in this hectic household. We have to get up early, first off setting the alarm clock for 6:30 am on a Saturday morning should be totally against the law! Actually I snoozed til about 7:15, then jumped up, got all the kids up to take JG to Tball practice at 9. Had breakfast on the run, actually in the van, grabbed a cappucino at Enmark and headed for Ladys Island, which is 20 minutes away from us. When we got up my daughter AJ said that her tummy hurt, oh great, here is that bug that had swept my sisters house just this week! She livened up enough to think it was safe to go. (She laid on the grass the whole time there....Bless her little heart!) After an hour and a half there, JG goes with Aunt Lori to see Uncle Brett play softball in Summerville and then me and the girls start to head home. Then I realized I had forgotten to get a gift for 1 of the 2 parties we had to attend today! So, I swing through K-Mart, not real sure what I am gonna get yet. A toy, nah, he's turning 1 he will get tons of toys. Clothes, not quite sure of his size. So I decided to get him a bath towel set and run home and embroider his name and a simple design on it. First time doing that, turned out sooo cute! But it took a little bit of time that we really didn't have to spare, because JT had to be at a birthday party at 2. Got that done while I also checked my email, ate lunch, took an order over the phone, talked to my Mom on the phone, etc..... Ran out he door 15 minutes before JT's party, got there just in time. Left her there, went to the next party (his Mommy loved the towels by the way). Stayed a little while when AJ came up to me crying that her tummy was really hurting. I thought I was in the clear but no...she had big elephant tears! Left that party went back to pick up JT at the other party, asked for a plastic bag, just in case, rushed back home to wait. Didn't have to wait long...sure enough half an hour later she started getting sick. Poor thing had been dragged around all day and didn't feel well at all! What a sport! So now she is sleeping, hopefully sleeping it off, and I am waiting for JG to get home so I can tuck him in bed and do this all over again tomorrow! I reckon we can't go to church tomorrow either. I pray that AJ feels better and can sleep all through the night and that no one else gets it, but I know they will!
My crazy Saturday, Momma said there would be days like these! Until ball season (and it just started) is over then this is what we are gonna be doing every Saturday. Plus, JT plays softball too!
My name is Angie and I am a ball Mom! And proud of it!

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