Friday, March 24, 2006

Fun and Fellowship

Just a quick one tonight....I promise because I am sooo tired...Today was a great day! Among other things, I love Women's Life Thursdays. I get so touched by our small Titus group fellowships, I get truly inspired by the teachings that when I leave there I really feel like I have learned great things. Actually I know that I have learned great things! More on that later......I had lunch with a great friend (cut short of course by the school calling with a minor emergency, everything is fine! Sorry Lisa, maybe next time?). To top the whole day off I had an awesome show tonight. I had so much fun and the fellowship was great! I really enjoyed talking to all of the women who came and getting to know them all. Ms. Jo and Rose are THE BEST hostesses. They made everyone feel so welcomed, thanks guys! I really don't get out much and when I do, I have the kids with me. So to actually get to have adult conversations was ...WOW...amazing. I got some great new ideas too. (Love that!) It was just plain ole fun. I have the best "job"! I say "job" very loosely because it really doesn't seem like a real JOB. I truly enjoy what I do and am very compassionate about it and then to see other people enjoying my creations is the best payment ever. So, thank you to everyone who came, we truly appreciate your business! Sweet dreams!

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blestwithsons said...

That sounds great! And you get to go to Women's Life you lucky dog! (yes I know - we're not lucky, we're blessed...)

Glad things are going well! I will be fabric hunting this weekend!