Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Production Progress

Working hard tonight to get some of the newest designs completed so I can add them to the re-vamped website. I am trying a new "production assembly line" tonight to see if I can push more out in a shorter amount of time. The biggest thing is when I get side-tracked and have to sweep the floors or wipe the counters (again) or check Facebook. I am not real good at focusing on the task at hand. But I am getting better...I am working very hard to improve. :)

My real job at Beaufort Rentals is going good too. We moved to a new office this past weekend and have been busy setting up and taking care of business. I just love working there. (On the slower days though I wish I had my fabrics there so I could cut them while I am idle.) I hate being idle!

3 weeks from tomorrow I will get to hug my new Marine son. I am so incredibly proud of him and can't wait to get my arms around him! 2 weeks from today I will get to go over to Parris Island to see him and his platoon in the Final Drill competition. His platoon won Initial Drill and they won on the Rifle Range, so if they win the Final Drill then they will be Honor Platoon! Ooh-Rah! He is very confident that they are going to "rock it out". I am excited that I get to be there to witness it, to see my boy do what he does!

This was after they found out they won Initial Drill. Boy, I have missed that look!
I know he really wanted to blow me a kiss but....

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