Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Carolina Rags Website

Well, finally, it's about time! It has taken me 4 days and a couple sleepless nights but here it is....my Carolina Rags website is back up and running! I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks with a new line of purses and really thought that now was a good time to get this booger back up.

On another note, 23 more days until Ryan graduates a United States Marine. Then found out for sure yesterday that Jackson's class is going to take a field trip to the graduation on November 6th. I talked to Ryan about it and he is very excited about it. He said that he talked to some of his buddies and they all are going to take a picture with Jackson's class. Then he said that he is going to wear his uniform and to go visit Jackson's class the following week and talk to their class about the Marine Corps. Ryan is so pumped up right now...I just love it! I have never seen (actually read) him so excited about anything like he is about the Marine Corps! I continue to pray for him and all of the recruits everyday, especially during this very tough Phase 3. But did I tell you 23 more days, oh, ok, I guess I did...sorry!

Jessica's volleyball season is coming to a close. The have only lost 3 games this season. They are going to hosting the playoffs at Beaufort Middle next week! I am so proud of all of those Lady Gryphons! They have done a phenomenal job this year, not to mention that they have an awesome coach who loves all of those girls like her own!

Jackson continues to do very to well in school this year. His teacher says he is a pleasure to teach! Wow! She also said that he is very good in Math. That's my boy!

Jordan is doing very well in school too. I did blow her away today when I took her Algebra homework and completed one of the problems. She checked it and looked at me and said Whoa, Mom, good job!" I like impressing my kiddos, gotta let 'em know I am not only a fun Mom, but a smart one. Woot Woot!

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