Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For My Son

I held you close when you were just a baby,
I snuggled tight, and thought just maybe,
How could I now live up to the honor
Of being your one and only mother.

I tossed the ball around with you,
We did whatever we wanted to do.
I played with bugs and slimy creatures.
I even had to deal with all your teachers.

I prayed for you from day one,
My sweet and precious little son.
And now you are on that journey away from me,
Trying to find your destiny.

As your mother, it is hard to let go,
How to wait and let you grow.
And now as the dawn draws near,
Your time to shine is finally here.

I am now bursting with pride,
As I sit and pray with all I have inside.
I know that you will succeed,
Just like the ones that you may someday lead.

When I sang those sweet lullabys in your ear,
I never thought the time would be here.
And as I kissed your tender head I never dreamed,
That I had kissed the forehead of a United States Marine.

I love you Ry-guy!

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